Things That Hold Us Back From Being Renewed.

Things That Hold Us Back From Being Renewed. 

1. Settling 

Ever get stuck in a thicket? God will make a way to get out of the thicket. Make a way try ought the wilderness and dry place. He will make some rivers. 

Don’t be afraid of the struggle in front of you. 

Philippians 3:13-14 

What keeps us from being renewed? 

Are you in a rut?

Maybe you need a renewed relationship? 

Sometimes we need help in transition. 

2. Stinkin’ Thinkin’

We might need a new outlook on life. 

Forget what is behind and press on

There are some things that you need to let go. 

When you are looking behind its hard to see what is ahead. 

3. Stuck In A Season

We get comfortable. 

Same routines. 

4. Skewed Vision. 

Sometimes we just can’t well. Hard to see clearly. 

If you want new, then you will have to say NO to some things. 

1. We will have to say no to mind, will, and emotions. 

Matthew 26:69-74

Peters emotions got the best of him. 

If we could win the emotion battle we could win the battle. 

Spirit minded people will have strong relationships, marriages and ethics

2. We will have to say no to our physical bodies. 

Fasting and praying. 

Making the decision is half the battle. 

It’s not about the dos and don’ts. 

A few things to know about fasting. 

-supposed to be a normal part of you life. Matthew 6:16-18

-understand what it can do. Isaiah 58:6-7

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