Vintage style laptop and tablet messenger bags

It wasn’t until recently messenger bags or backpacks became an interest of mine. Mainly because of a new job as a Social Media Coordinator and I have a Surface Pro 3 to carry around. Before the new position I wasn’t in need of such a product because my computer is stationary. Now my work is at the office and on the go. Therefore, it is important to find something comfortable, fashionable, and practical to secure my computer and other carry-alongs. Here are some very nice vintage style laptop and tablet messenger bags.


Choosing the right bag to protect your computer and other valuables is important if you have to be on the go or just simply transport your items when the time is needed. Personally, I am a picky guy when it comes to what I want out of a bag. The bag must be comfortable, hold the computer or tablet properly, long shoulder strap(s), room for a couple books, and durable. Not too much to ask for, right?

Well, these vintage messenger bags not only looks awesome, but are practical. For starters, the bags are made from genuine leather feel amazing! The leather is heavy. To compliment the rugged leather, the canvas material is just as durable feeling as the leather. The two materials go hand-in-hand to make a quality, well built bag. From the stitching to the buckles, the bag is just simply made well.


Looks aren’t everything even with products like these bags. The bag must be practical. It’s all good if the bag looks nice and is made from high quality material, but does it work well for you? These bags leave plenty of space for my Surface Pro 3 and 2007 13″ Macbook. Not too mention I can fit a normal size notebook or binder. Let’s not forget about the power chord and adapter.

My only complaint about the horizontal bag is there is a zipper on the inside of the laptop sleeve area. If you don’t have a case or skin installed on your computer or tablet there is a higher chance to gain scratches on your device. My recommendation would be if there needs to be a pocket there is to not have a zipper but something else like velcro or no fastener. But if you have a case or skin, you are good to go.


These bags are great. The moment I opened the packaging I was impressed with how well the bags are made. Personally, I am not a fan of the vertical bag and that’s just a personal preference. It doesn’t really fit my persona. Not to stereotype, but I think the vertical bag would match up with a lady versus a guy. Both bags are unisex, but in my own opinion the horizontal bag would fit more along with a man than a woman. Either way, go with what you like because that’s what matters!

If you want to get one of these bags click here for the vertical and here for the horizontal. Both bags retail for about $120 but are on sale for about $50 at the time of this post. They are for a very reasonable price and would make a GREAT back to school gift. I’m sure anyone would be happy with these vintage style laptop and tablet messenger bags.

Be sure to scroll down a little further to see some photos of the bags.


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