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CaseCrown is always on the lookout for laptop, Macbook, and tablet users by keeping them covered and protected. They offer a vast selection of products to not only keep devices secure, but also looking stylish too! One of the things I like about CaseCrown is they take a minimalistic approach with their designs. If you’re looking for some products that compliment your slim, sleek devices you’ll want to try out their cases and accessories. For this post we are going to focus on some of their laptop and tablet messenger bags.

For one, there are many styles and colors to choose from and that might be the hardest part of the shopping experience; choosing what one you like the most. Before we get started click this link to see their entire selection, then come back and take a look at my thoughts about a few of the many to choose from.


The first bag I’d like to highlight is the one my wife has used the most and that’s because it seems to have the most space inside the bag compared to the others we have had experience with. The bag will fit our MacBook and Surface Pro 3 without a problem and has some slack to spare. There is plenty of space to fit a text book with all writing utensils along with any extras like a power cable/adapter.

My only complaint about this bag is the shoulder strap needs to be longer for the way that I like to carry my bags, which is diagonally across my shoulder/chest. If you like to carry your bags just on one side, you’re good to go. However, because of the way I prefer to carry the bag ends up abnormally high on my person.


Next up is the vertical bag that I used the most until I needed more space in a bag to carry additional items in a bag. This guy is actually pretty nice is my favorite out of the CaseCrown bags I have on hand. Surprisingly, this bag fits my Surface Pro 3 with a rugged UAG case installed! This bag is slim and compact. The SP3 is not a small device either, especially with a thicker case attached. The padding from the bag is very nice. It makes me feel confident anything inside the bag will survive drops and bangs.

Because the bag is slim and compact there is only so much you can fit inside the bag. Basically, I was able to fit the SP3, power cable/adapter, writing utensils, and a few other smaller items like a phone or two. Not much else can fit in the bag. If you need to put a binder or legal size note pad you will have hard time squeezing those things in. If all you are concerned with is the computer and it’s accessories you will be just fine. But if you need more space I would use the bag mentioned before this guy.


Lastly, is the horizontal messenger bag that is styled similar to the last bag, but is a bit smaller of a space for the laptop sleeve pocket. This bag I could not fit the Surface Pro 3. The MacBook without a case worked just fine. Much like the last bag there is only so much you can fit inside.

Long story short, it all depends what you want out of the bag. If you need storage go with the first bag. If you want just enough for the computer and it’s accessories, go for the other two, but keep in mind of the size needed. The Surface Pro fit in the second bag because it went in vertically. These are all worthy choices and it boils down to how you like to carry your devices. Mind that there are different sizes to choose from such as 12″ and 15″ bags. The ones I have are the 13″ average bags. The CaseCrown laptop MacBook tablet messenger bags are worth checking out.

Purchase links are below and be sure to scroll down a little further for a photo gallery of the CaseCrown laptop MacBook tablet messenger bags.


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