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Everyone is an expert these days. There are tons of forums and discussion sites for every subject known to man. While the plethora of of these types of sites, it is wise to find the ones that will benifit your needs. Some communities are helpful and others not so much. Here are somme tips for successful help seeking postings.

  • Phrase your question without bias opinions. Just fill the post with what you want the end end result to be. For example, a bad post would sound something like “This developer for this app messed up my device because _______.” Rather say something like “I need help. When I installed this app my device began to act this way _______.” At that point users will be more than helpful to bail you out of your situation.
  • There might be others who are experiencing the same issue. Keep everything to just the details. Make it easy for the ones who want to help by keeping it simple.
  • Ignore the spammers, haters, trolls, etc. By reacting to the post, the helpers will give up on trying to sift through the clumpy mess of a thread.
  • Post within the correct category.
  • Screenshots, pics and visual aids can help in the process of figuring out what went wrong.
  • Consider the source. Usually beside the user icon is a rep score and activity counter. This will tell you if the person is worth listening to or not.

Hopefully these tips can help you get through better helps and guides. The forums can be some of the best ways to figure out the problem because the developers or admins simply cannot handle all the posts. Happy hunting.

-This has been your “Everyday User Experience.” Tip of the Day.

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