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September seems to be the choice month of companies releasing new devices. Apple has announced that September 12th will the big day for the products they are going to release. Assumptions will say that it will be the New iPhone (Exact name unknown at this point), a new iPad could be revealed and the new iOS6 should be among the news. For more coverage on Apple there are tons of sites to check out. As more news piles in Bane Tech. will try to keep up with relevant scoops.

Motorola has announced 3 new devices. The┬áDROID RAZR HD, RAZR MAXX HD, and DROID RAZR M (Check out Droid-Life’s Coverage for more details, footage and notes). Lots of new features and specs to check out. One of the features that stood out to me the most was no physical buttons on the front on the phone at all. IMO this is a good things. ICS and Jelly Bean are designed so the phone does not need a menu, home or back button. Other features will include improved screens and processors. This release of new phones should have been what was released in the first place. The original RAZR was a really good device minus the crappy screen and the OS was outdated. Motorola has a special place in Bane Tech.’s heart because of the release of the OG Droid and the Droid X (two among the favorites of BT). I am glad to see Motorola starting to polish off their devices.

Samsung has announced the Note 2 that is will be coming “soon.” What that means, I don’t know. But the specs look amazing. They did a fine job with the release of the Galaxy S3 and the Note 2 should not disappoint. Along with the announcement of the Note 2 was the Galaxy Camera, which looks STUNNING! I believe Samsung has jumped up a whole new level in the tech. world. The Galaxy Camera should be a HUGE hit.

Apple, Motorola and Samsung are the top dogs as far as release news goes. There are a few other subpar makers such as Nokia and LG. But we will have to wait till they make a higher competitive product. With these new releases, what device do you have your eye on?


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