TYLT Capio Universal Car Mount with NFC Chip

Lots of tech went into building one the newest car mounts on the market. TYLT’s Capio Universal Car Mount has patented sticky pads, has a built in NFC chip and is made to mount to multiple surfaces. If you have been wondering how to take advantage of your NCF enabled phone for everyday use, this is the accessory for you. Even if you do not have a NCF enabled device this is a stellar car mount for any device.


The sticky pads are quite awesome! Very cool to have the ability to simply place my phone on the pad without the need to adjust any braces, BUT they still give you the option of side and bottom supports! While I was testing this mount out I was using ZeroLemon’s 7500mAh monster battery and it makes the phone a lot heavier and thicker, which made the braces that much more important to have installed. Without the heavy battery the sticky pad was just fine without the supports.┬áThe brace supports are really easy to slide on and adjust to the position desired.


The other sweet feature is the NFC support. I have waited a long time to use NFC and find a practical purpose to use NFC. For a full demonstration of how to use NFC check out this video. Be sure to look at the video below of the review and short demonstration of how to setup NFC for this mount. Some ideas for car NFC features you could program the chip to make the phone’s music player turn on, go straight to car mode or navigation apps.


Installation and construction is simple to setup and easy to tear down. I like how it is made to be able to mount to multiple surfaces. The sticky pad comes with instruction to pay attention to, which basically states the pad will acquire dirt and will need to be washed occasionally. Not a bad trade off for a great car mount. This is my favorite car mount to date. This is definitely worth checking out if you have not already.

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