WORLDS LARGEST Galaxy S4 Battery! ZeroLemon 7500mAh Extended NFC Battery

You heard right. This is the world’s LARGEST battery for the Galaxy S4. ZeroLemon provides a ton of extended batteries for multiple devices with multiple battery size options. For this review I have the 7500mAh battery. It has NFC capabilities, comes with a TPU case and detailed instructions of how to get the best performance.


First, lets talk about the results from using the battery. Per the instructions for the best performance you are to go through 5-6 cycles. For this review I only went through one cycle. The instructions also encourage you to leave the phone on the charger for 12hours for its first charge, which I complied.


The result was getting two and half days worth of battery life. Check the video for a full explanation. In short, I have full brightness on most of the time, 4G over WiFi, lots of automatic push notifications, emails pushed and streaming services being used. I would consider myself a heavy user. If you are not a heavy user, you will for sure get better battery life than I.


The TPU case is really tough and is a perfect fit for the battery and phone. There are white and black covers available to choose from. The surface is smooth but not slippery and is pocketable. Cutouts are great. The power and volume controls are covered up and require a little bit more effort to press as if the case was not installed.


The NFC capabilities works great. I tried it out on TYLT NFC Tags stickers and car mount and I had no issues at all.


Overall, for an extended battery with NFC it performed well for me. It was exciting to see two and half days of battery life on a smartphone. That was a first for me. I don’t know if I could use this as a daily driver because the thickness and heaviness got on my nerves at times. I like my devices thin and not as heavy. This battery will definitely get you through the weekend or would be a nice travel companion for anyone not able to charge the device on demand.

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