iPhone 4/4S Magic Case by JisonCase (SKU JS-IP4-07H)

Who doesn’t like magic? JisonCase makes a unique case that still keeps with their top notch premium cases. The case is constructed of premium leatherette and molded to fit the iPhone 4 precisely. The unique feature of the case is the suction cup design. The back end is created to hold the iPhone in place and the front cover cup keeps the flip cover closed. Altogether designed really well and gives a sense of luxury.


Installation is really simple, all you have to do is align the phone with the case, before you press down onto the cups makes sure it is straight and then press the case and phone together. That’s it! The front cover cup is smaller the rest, which allows it to fasten the flip cover to the screen when you want the case closed.


While the case is closed you will notice two rectangle box windows and those are designed to let you see a preview of the caller or time. The bottom window lets you slide to unlock or answer a call. This is a nice feature because your screen will remain clean from pressing the screen on your face.


Check out JisonCase’s full description:

Magic Case for iPhone 4/4S

1. High quality premium leatherette. Handcrafted with no stitching. For iPhone 4 & 4S.
2. Front cover with finger access, no need to open up to answer incoming calls.
3. Small suction cup in front and back cover.
4. Access to all ports, buttons and touch screen.
5. Slim design, light weight. Perfect fit. Easily assemble and disassemble.

The Magic Case is 100% handcrafted from premium leatherette. The awesome rubber suction cup design is made to lock the phone in place for all around protection.
The front cover access allows you to answer phone calls and screen messages without having to flip over the cover.

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Discount Code: “BYOUTUBE2013” It is available in 2013

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