Top Mobile Devices of 2014 – Reviewed by Bane – Tech (Real-life user experience)

Mobile devices of 2014 are much more powerful then there predecessors giving us Octacore processors, 64-bit processing power, 3 gigabytes of dedicated RAM, 4K video recording, high-end 3D graphic rendering, notification companion wearables, and fingerprint heart rate/payment/security unlock scanning capabilities! This tech to date 2014 has big specs but, small enough to fit in your back pocket. Dramatic right (I feel you), the specs may sound great, but what is the real life experience? In this post I will share with you the Top Mobile Devices of 2014 – Reviewed by Bane – Tech (Real-life user experience).

Test 12014 is coming to a end and 2015 is on the horizon, Thanksgiving plus Christmas has gone! So why should you still spend your money before and right after New Years? Let’s dig deeper and find out in this real-life user experience written review. Price will be the listed order starting from the lowest so grab a set an hold on to find out why!

Moto360 two in image

Moto 360: Links for purchase, MotorolaAmazon,  Device info here, video review here and playlist

Priced at $249 USD on Motorola’s and Google Play Devices website. Motorola’s flagship mobile notification companion device sets the high ground and landscape for rounded smartwatches. Coming in two colors (Black and Silver) with two watch bands (Black Leather, Stone Leather). You get Android wear unadulterated at its prime running the all new Android 5.0 lollipop. If fashion is your M.O. then checkout these new designer brands and for protection click here. You can never go wrong with a new timepiece as innovative as this one.



OnePlus One: Links for purchase, OnePlusAmazon,  Device info here, video review here and playlist

“Never Settle and Flagship Killer” at a low price tag of $299 USD off contract. This high-end CyanogenMod OS powered smartphone paved it’s way to consumers hands with its friendly price range and high-end specs. Although crippled by its invite system if you can get a hold of one, never let it go. For the price and the specs this device will never be beat. Multiple case design choices giving you a elegant approach this device is one of a kind.


1411763297 iPhone-6-Plus1


iPhone 6 Plus: Links for purchase, Apple storeAmazon,  Device info here, video review here and playlist

A simple running OS smartphone, but with a oversize Android like form factor and display (iOS included). Well supported by developers, but not now at it’s size, but still bringing us the right idea when it comes to fingerprint scanning. When size matters the most (bragging rights) the 6 Plus will have your back whether it may be gaming, movies, or  YouTube. Camera performance is said to be the best on this mobile platform. Pricing for the base model experience will run you $299 USD on contract, but a great deal after the holidays if your contract has ended.


Samsung-Galaxy-Note-4 1280x853 samsung-galaxy-note-4-8998


Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Links for purchase, SamsungAmazon,  Device info here, video review here and playlist

The Note series, when trying to make the bigger screen size smartphone make sense they do it the best. But adding a jammed packed over-saturated OS (Touchwiz) features on top of features. In the middle of it all we have the SPen. This little pen makes more sense than most think, adding accuracy and note taking abilities. Please don’t forget about the all new quality build and 4K video recording. All you video buffs out there needing just one device, this might be the right device for you with style. $299 USD on contract with most US carriers


Honorable Mention Nexus 6: Links for purchase, Google playAmazon,  Device info here, video review here and playlist

Stumped by its availability, bigger price tag, and over size look and feel (mind you I love this device), but still a wonderful device to have. The Google Nexus 6 a pure Android experience with developers in mind. At a big price tag off contract for $649 USD more then it’s predecessors, but if you can get it on contract from AT&T for $249 USD you will have Motorola’s next big thing. Front facing speakers, stock OS, and Verizon network support. This device works on all US carriers, but have a NANO SIM pre-assigned and ready to make that move on Verizon. Not for sale on Verizon right now, but fingers crossed.

Featured Image by: Jimmy Jones and yes that is Christmas for us in Florida

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