TackForm Magneto Car Windshield Mount – Magnetic Attachment

There are tons of cell phone car mounts out there to shop for and at times it is very difficult to find one that will last. I have had some that last a long time and others that fall apart rather quickly. Not too mention that there are so many that are cookie cutter mounts that are no different from other manufacturers. TackForm is one of those companies that actually makes their own from their own equipment and that fact alone gives me confidence that I am not getting some cheap China knockoff product. I’ve used the TackForm Ultra Grip for a little while now and I gave the Magneto a test run as well. The Magneto is a pretty cool car mount that you might find practical in comparison to any other cell phone car mount you have used in the past.

First of all lets get some specs out of the way so we can talk about my experience with the mount. Hence the name it is a magnetic mount, it can mount to dashes and windshields, gets multiple viewing angles because of the adjustable neck/head, and there are other attachments available for more mounting needs. It comes with two magnets that you can stick to a device or case.

The Magneto instructions suggest placing the magnets on the surface of the device you want to use, but I am not the type to stick anything on my device other than a case. Most cases I use are TPU styles, which are thin. Therefore, I had the idea to simply place (without removing the sticker) the magnet in-between the phone and case. Mind in the review video I am using the Nexus 6 that is a big heavy phone. The idea worked like a charm! I was able to take the phone off and on the mount without any problems. A question you might be asking yourself is whether or not the phone would stay mounted if a bump is hit. Let’s put it this way, try not to conquer a bump and you’ll be OK. During normal driving conditions the mount kept the device in place just fine and I was using the small circle magnet that came with the kit. There is a larger rectangle magnet piece that comes in the box.

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TackForm has a pretty cool suction cup pad that is made of a sticky surface that reminds of me of the bottom of a tree frog’s feet. The suction cup will stick to just about any surface. However, be careful of what surface you mount the bottom to because ANY mount could leave a ring where the mount is placed if left on for a long period of time. Be mindful of the type of surface your dash is made of. Personally, I like to use the disc that comes with the kit to place the Magneto on and I use it on my Ford Expedition’s curved dash.

Another idea you could use with the mount is to get an NFC (Near Field Communication) sticker and place it on the mount. You can assign commands to the sticker to start/activate Bluetooth, your music app, or pull up navigation when placing the device on the mount. This of course require you have an NFC enables device (sorry Apple users).

I think this mount is worth check out and could be used for not only a car mount, but as a desk mount. Click the link below for more purchase options and take a look at the video for a demonstration of how you could use the mount.

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