’s Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Power Case

The Power Case for the Galaxy S4 is a 3200mAh battery backup flip cover case. Basically you are getting a all-in-one deal with this case. The main part of the case is a hard plastic case that holds the entire phone in place and the front cover is a soft hard layer (almost like a step up from a cardboard material). The charging/usb port allows you to not only charge the device but also use the sync capabilities.

The installation is easy, all you have to do is slide open the top portion and place the device inside the case. Then press down to connect the usb tip and then slide back down the top portion onto the device to fit the case on the phone.


As far as protection goes, the case for the most part covers all areas of the phone. When the flip cover is closed there is not much showing at all. When flipped open the case is flush with the surface of the phone. The case’s plastic body is rather hard and should protect the phone if a drop occurs.

The case does not take too long to charge up and has 4 LED indicators on the bottom portion of the case along with the power button. In order to take advantage of the battery you must turn on the power button. Each LED light represents 25% increments and will flash off an on letting you know how much battery life is left.


The way I tested this case out was I charged both the GS4 and the Power Case to full charge and installed the phone into the case. The battery case lasted all day with heavy use. Heavy use meaning, using 4G at different times of the day, using streaming service like Netflix, YouTube and kids TV show programing. I also use my phone for emails, social networks and regular phone tasks.

After the Power Case was depleted I chose to take the phone out of the case and install a normal case, which left my GS4 with full power and ended up lasting me another 12 hoursish. So all in all I got about two days worth of battery life. Battery life is depends on many variables and I hope this review helped give you an idea of what this particular battery case can do for you. If you are not a heavy user life myself, you could potentially get a significant boost of life for your device.


I wanted to provide screenshots of the battery stats, but unfortunately I would not be able to give accurate stats. Read on t the next paragraph for the reason why.

This case could definitely be used as a daily driver and I think that is one of the best attributes of this battery case. However, there are two main concerns about this case that I have. First, is the case’s power button is easily pushed and I accidentally pressed the button a few times during use. I think a switch would be a better option. The other potential problem is the case might not survive a decent drop. The plastic seems that it would crack if dropped. But that is just an assumption I have about this case. I could be wrong.

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