Why are firms vocal about DOMA?

Earlier today the Supreme Court ruled allowing federal benefits for gay couples and legalizing same sex marriage in Cali. Even further the court ruled that laws against same sex marriage was unconstitutional. That’s the background. But what bewilders me is when non-relevant companies voice their stance over politics. 

First Apple according to AllThingsD, “Apple strongly supports marriage equality and we consider it a civil rights issue.” 

Instagram posted a number of pics from picket groups. 

Facebook posted a graphic with this statement “Approximately 70% of people on Facebook in the U.S. are connected to a friend who has expressly identified themselves as gay, lesbian or bisexual on their timeline. #PrideConnectsUs

If you type in any keyword search terms that deal with “gay” you get this graphic for your search bar

HP chimed in as well…

“HP has more than 30 years of partnership with and participation in pride events, and works throughout the year to build and strengthen HP as an organization that values all employees, customers and communities,” said Michael Thacker, global communications chair, HP Pride Employee Resource Group. “Our sponsorship at San Francisco Pride this year is a great example of how HP is committed to diversity and to creating a flexible, inclusive environment for everyone inside and outside of the company.”

“Twitter didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment, but big business made clever use of the microblogging service. Companies like Mastercard and ABC purchased promoted tweets around the #gaymarriage hashtag, which meant that every time a user looked up the hashtag, they would have one of those promoted tweet ads pop up. Smart, quick thinking.” – AllThingsD

OK…so this kinda rubs me the wrong way. I have my own opinion about the matter (which is besides the point). Point being is that these companies should stick to what their area of concentration is. Why should Apple post about gay marriage or any other company like them? Not to mention make it public. Stick to phones…

Not too long ago Chic-fil-A owner made a comment about his stance on gay marriage in a private meeting and the statement was leaked out to the public. Mr. Cathy came under huge amounts of fire for making the statement. 

Seems rather backwards. Mr. Cathy made his statement in a private meeting and wasn’t representing or speaking on behalf of the company on the issue of gay marriage. Only his stance on the issue.

But when companies like Apple make such a stance publicly, they do not get equal treatment compared to a case like Mr. Cathy’s statement. 

I found it odd that the ones who scream COEXIST never want to coexist with ones that disagree with their beliefs. 

Now with all that said…I am not writing this post out of a heart of hatred, judgement or anything like that. Simply put I want to see true equality from both parties and for companies to stick to business. 

It is ok to have your own beliefs. Everyone has a right to be wrong 😉

I know I don’t have it all right

Apple and other companies do not need to chime in with such subjects. I’m sure the employee who does not support same sex marriage does not like Apple speaking on their behalf. 

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