Lion Chaser. By Pastor Jamin Mitchell

Lion Chaser. By Pastor Jamin Mitchell
2 Samuel 23:20-23 – Beniah
What does it take to be a lion chaser?
Risk taker, lives on the edge, conquerer.
You can’t conquer if you don’t confront.
Adversity makes us better. James 3
Struggle makes our faith stronger. Isaiah 45:7.
Some calamity God will remove but at times must go through it.
You could be one courageous choice away from being able to accomplish your dream.
1- Courage.
Joshua 1:9.
Perfect love casts out all fear.
2- Counter Intuition.
Michael Jordan didn’t make his high school team. He still worked and did not give up.
3- Perseverance/ endurance.
Hebrews 12:1. Sometimes it won’t be a quick fight. At times will take a while to get through.
Stick it out and it could accomplish the greatest season in your life.
Creates character, faithfulness, hope and trust.
4- Knowing WHO you are and WHOSE you are.
Galatians 3:26
John 16:15
God is not going to leave you by yourself in the pit. You may not know the outcome but you will not be alone.
5- Faith.
Got to trust in God.
Hebrews 11:6. I possible to please God without faith.
You can’t live on what ifs.

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