The Best of Me – Part 2 – The Pursuit.

•By nature we pursue what we don’t have. 
The pursuit cannot stop
It takes work to improve. 
The Commitment to pursuit
Genesis 2:24
Untied – dabaq cling or adhere. To catch 
Psalm 63:8
Job 41:16
Judges 20:45
•We tend to judge our spouse by their actions but look at our intentions. 
•Closing the gap between intentions and actions. 
It was in my heart…
But we have to follow through with our good intentions. 
The lack of pursuit starts somewhere. 
If we pursue one another our eyes are not on someone else. 
•How do we put someone first
1) When you think of something good say it. 
Hebrews 3:13
We have to be specific. Pursue her with words of affection. 
Guys are visual. 
“I love you because ________”
If we don’t pursue her/him someone will. 
• Pursue him with words of affirmation. 
Guys will become exactly what she says. 
The world defines success by our last success. 
2) When you think of something good do it
James 4:17
3) When you want something different be it
To get what you never had you got to do what you never did. 
To get what you once had you got to do what you once did. 
*Message by Pastor Stacey Turney, Church at the Crossing

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