The Best of Me. Part 3

“I surrender” The Commitment to Covenant.

The church is Gods gift to the world. Even in the Bible Belt there are thousands of people that do not have s relationship with God. They know the religious part of Christianity.
Our marriage will be about we and not me.
Genesis 2:24

‘Echad (ekh-awd) united, altogether, completely joined as one.
Marriage is a covenant not a contract
Malachi 2:14
* A contract is based on mutual distrust
I am in as far as you are. If you mess up I am out.
* A covenant is based on commitment.
Covenant: beriyth (ber-eeth’); cutting, a binding agreement, a blood covenant.

We are either getting closer or we are growing apart.
It’s not a competition. We need to complete one another.
We do have differences but they are for working together.

Satan’s ways are for competing.
Covenant Partnership Includes.
If we were the same then one of us would not be necessary.
Anything not submitted in a marriage can divide.

Covenant Partnership Includes:
* Godly leadership and mutual submission.
Ephesians 5:21-24
Luke 11:17-18
Psalm 34:3

The Bible is not there for us to “prove” our leadership.
Every woman is created to come beside a Godly man.
A man is crested to come beside God. We as men like to do it ourselves.
God is calling us son I want to spend time with you.
He loves us.
She will be beside a man when she knows he has been with God.
The Father believes in me.

Satan Corrupts God’s Plan of:
* Submissiveness with passivity.
When a man is not lead by the Spirit we revert to dominance.
On a bad day people either revert to dominance or passiveness.
When we dominate its because we feel insecure.
We justify by saying “I was born that way.”
Don’t abuse scripture to dominate.
Passivity also comes from insecurity.
Dominance will chuck pebbles and the passivity will collect the pebbles in a truck load. The passivity will dump the truck load when it gets too full.
If insecurity is the common denominator then what is the common solution? Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. Love each other.

In partnership:
I will listen
I will trust
I will repent – I you mess up, own up to it.
I will submit
Glorify The Lord with me; let us exalt his name together. – Psalm 34:3

Sermon by:
Pastor Stacey Turney of Church at the Crossing in Dothan, AL

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