The Best of Me – I Do

•Next to Christ my spouse is my priority. 
Leave – azah – loosen or relinquish. 
Problems always come in with that third voice. 
How do we make them our priority?
1 Peter 3:7
Ephesians 5:33
•When you’re my priority, you are honored. 
Honor will add value. Dishonor decreases value. 
Your husbands will reach what you speak into him. He will reach heights that you can’t imagine. 
If you tell him that he will win he will be a winner. 
Husbands can’t take scripture out of context. She will rise to what we speak to them. 
Put character and principles first. 
Maintaining is the hard part. Beginning is easy. 
The pursuit that got us together will keep us together. 
•Anything valuable is not  easily discarded. 
We can’t become careless. Add Value. You can dishonor by not honoring. Have to add in order to honor. 
Honor by practice. 
Luke 6:49

*Message by Pastor Stacey Turney, Church at the Crossing

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