Seidio Ledger Wallet Flip Cover Case for the Galaxy S4

Ever since the Galaxy S3 was released last year the flip cover case style really took off. It seems as though there are SO many to choose from. Now that the Galaxy S4 is here the production has not slowed down of the flip cover case and I don’t foresee any reason for it to slow down. Seidio recently joined in on the fun and created their version of a flip cover case. The Galaxy S4 for gets the love for the debut. In this review I will walk you through not only the commonality of the this flip cover, but what sets it apart from the rest.


First off let’s get the basics out of the way. The build of the Ledger is constructed of a few different materials. Since we have two kinds to talk about I will mainly focus on the case with the window, meaning the only difference is the other case does not have a window for the S View features. The main part of the case is made from a hard plastic that is my best guess made from polycarbonate (there is no description available). The flip cover is made from polyurethane, which has a soft feel to it. The inside of the case including the cover is a felt materials that pampers the front and back of the phone.


All ports and buttons are accessible. The cutouts are precise, the phone fits snug in the case and all while remaining slim in profile. The case is pocketable because of the flat smooth surface and the rounded off edges.

Here we go! The aspects of the Ledger that make it stand out from the rest. First let’s talk about the LED notification light cutout. This is the FIRST time I have seen this feature on a flip cover case. I use the LED light on a regular basis. I like to glance over at my phone to check if there are any notifications waiting for me. Most flip covers do not have this feature.


Next is the window S View Ledger case. This case’s window has a plastic cover installed, which helps protect the screen from anything that could come in contact in the cutout area. This is also a FIRST for me. I like it. This really should attract anyone who does not use a screen protector.

The last feature that stands out to me is the card slot on the inside of the flip cover. This slot is made from the felt material throughout the inside of the case. Meaning it is flexible and able to hold more than one card. I would recommend not stuffing the slot full with cards, as the pocket could get stretched out more than desired.

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