A Problem With Love

Message by: Pastor John Dowdey

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Luke 10:27

Just because it’s simple. Doesn’t mean that it can’t be deep.

Love God. Love people.

John 4
There is an explanation of why Jesus was passing through Samaria. The effect was played out in the conversation between the woman and Jesus.

People will go out of their way to avoid people who are not like them. Samaritan was derogatory. Jewish men didn’t even talk to their wives in public. Jesus dealt with two prejudices in one conversation.

Jesus was great the masses. But he is great at the one on one.

Sometimes people view those divine appointments as an inconvenience.

Love is easy when it’s about us or someone we like. When love goes deeper, it’s love beyond boundaries, to the person you hate.

Jesus surrounded himself with people that had nothing to do with the church.

The disciples asked Jesus how to pray because they knew that there was a connection to what He did privately is what affected the public ministry. They didn’t ask how to heal, etc.

Jesus brings conviction, not condemnation.

“I want to spend more time on the second part of my testimony than my first part. Spend more time on what happened after salvation.”- John Dowdey

Love calls us to…
1. Action. By putting us in the place where we are placed next to people we might not like. Am I my brothers keeper? YES! Love calls us to a higher standard. Love starts as soon as you walk out of the church.
2. Grow. Love doesn’t let us stay where we are comfortable. What happens to the church when the church smells like something that it shouldn’t smell like. The world doesn’t need a bunch of over feed Christians comfortable sitting in church and as soon as meat is offered it’s spit out. Move from milk to meat. Love to the point that the world takes note. People don’t need to stumble on loops I set for people to get to God, they only need to stumble on the Gospel and love of God.

3. Changes. Love changes everything. Forgiveness is produced. You don’t have to defend your position. Just forgive.

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