DUZiGN Mirage Protective Case for the Galaxy S4

A little while back I reviewed a DUZiGN case for the iPhone 5 and was impressed with it. I thought it was going to be your average smo, see through, bumper case; that we have seen SO many styles and variations of. HOWEVER I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the case. This case that I am about to tell you about keeps the same standard of awesomeness!


Here we have the Mirage case made by DUZiGN. You can find it over on Amazon for around 10 bucks. Not a bad deal at all, not to mention there are some other cool colors to choose from.

This case is made from a high quality polycarbonate material. It’s thin, protective and smooth. The case is not only designed (I really want to say DUZiGNed) to protect the outside of the case, but the inside is lined with felt material to protect the back of the phone too! All cutouts and ports are made really well and easy to access everything.


I absolutely LOVE glide on, slide on (however you want to put it) cases! Reason being is because the case most, if not, all the time is hard and fits snug on the phone. Snap on cases are the only style cases that are as thin and hard as a glide on. The difference is that snap on cases normally leave the top and bottom exposed and personally I like to have full edge coverage. The Mirage glide on case has full edge protection/coverage.


The color for this case is coral. As of late I have been into bright colors. My Nikes are even blaring theses days. So if you’re into the bright colors for you phone cases, this case is something to check out. If you’re not so much into the brightness goodness, there are some conservative schemes to choose from.

Like the case? Get it HERE

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