[Rant] What the heck is HTC thinkin’?

Seriously, what the heck are you thinking, HTC? If you haven’t seen or heard by now HTC announced a “new” phone coming out called the One A9. It literally looks like an iPhone. Samsung has no worries about being named a copycat company because HTC takes the cake on this One!

In the past Samsung could easily be labeled as a copying designs from other companies, mostly Apple. But it was NEVER this horrid of a duplicate. For the most part there were similar designs such as how the frame looks on a Galaxy S6 or Note 5. But that’s it! The A9 literally looks like they slapped an HTC logo on the back of an iPhone 6.


I’ve been plotting to write or make a video about the companies I am simply no longer interested in investing in or trying out. HTC was part of that list and now they for sure are at the top of it.

My head feels like a bobble-head toy because I keep shaking my head about how stupid of a move this is by HTC. Even as I am writing this post I am losing track of thought. I just don’t understand why HTC would pull a move like this. Is it April Fools or something? A gag joke?

Come on, what are you thinkin’ HTC?

This is not where you give up and say, “can’t beat em, join em.”

Not too mention the One A9 is going to cost $399 for specs that are nothing to boast about. Especially when the competition offers better devices for around the same price. For example, I would much rather get a Nexus 5X that will get updates quicker and be a supported device beyond the few moments the A9 will be remembered. There is the Moto X Pure Edition or even the OnePlus 2.

It’s shame that HTC has fallen this hard because as I recall devices like the DINC, Rezound, and even the M8; they have impacted the Android world. What went wrong after the M8? Literally the camera was the only thing wrong with that phone. That’s all they had to fix. Instead they pull this stunt. Sad.


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