24 hours with the Nexus 5X: First impressions

For four years now Google has brought out a ‘Nexus’ phone, but this year they brought out 2! If you haven’t heard already they are the LG who made Nexus 5X and Huawei made Nexus 6P.

The 5X is the cheaper of the two models, coming in at £339 ($379) for the entry-level 16GB model on the Google Store or if you are in the UK Carphone Warehouse if offering the brand new device for a discounted price of £299. For the 32GB variant its £379 ($499) of at Carphone Warehouse £349. This is good for UK Android enthusiasts as for £10 more you can get the 32GB of on board storage. Google says it’s the sequel to one of the “most loved and most popular phones we’ve ever launched – the Nexus 5”. So, what do you get for your cash?

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In the box

The unboxing experience is a solid 7/10 one you remove the sleeve and open the lid your greeted with the quick guide which a price of card that cover the contents of the box and has easy instructions on the back. Diving in deep, we have the phone in a sleeve with the words nexus written on it, a USB-C connection to USB-C about a metre long, and also a wall adapter with a female USB-C. You also get a warranty and information booklet and a voucher for Google Play music All Access free 90-day free trial.

The handset

Even though it has a plastic design similar to the previous Nexus 5, the soft-touch polycarbonate shell and slimline design do a good job of making the phone look smart and sleek. The polycarbonate is smoother and the rounded corners make the phone fits in the hand better and generally a nicer device to hold in the hand than the older Nexus 5. It’s just under 8mm thick, and fairly light at 136g.

The camera, I have to say is quick and snappy and from my experience and testing with this device so far, it’s superb. The quick double tap camera gesture works beautifully, when the screen is on or off and the phone provides you with a little vibration to indicate you have activated the camera. I will provide a little gallery below.  I have to say from my experience so far the Nexus 5X one of the best vibration/haptic feedback of any smartphone, my Nexus 6 is just terrible and loud and when on a desk in a public place or school it’s so loud and ‘heavy’ it makes the table vibrate a little. Random but I have to commend LG on that.

The battery, is not one of the smallest I’ve seen but thanks to Android Marshmallow, the standby time is just ridiculous. I charged the device overnight as I tend to do this with new devices, and it’s on 73% as I writing this. I have taken 4K video samples on this device this afternoon, the usual scrolling my life away on ‘social media,’ picture taking and obviously some Android Marshmallow flappy bird (high score is 9 try and beat that).

I love that Google teamed up with LG again and actually listen to the consumers who really liked the original Nexus 5, They haven’t made it any wider than the original model but its slightly taller. Props to Google or LG as they also included the notification LED at the bottom of the phone in the middle of the speaker, which is actually usable like the previous as it is a multi colored LED indicator. I cannot say much more on the battery life or the call quality as I have only had it 24 hrs, but you can always subscribe to the weekly email newsletter so that you’ll be notified of my full review coming soon!

I’ll leave you with a little gallery of the device 🙂

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