Increase your productivity with these top 5 Chrome extensions

For most people who use Chrome on the daily mainly check emails, browse the web, stay up to date on the news, watch videos, and occasionally lurk on Facebook. But once you actually discover the potential of your ‘smart bowser,’ you’ll find that Chrome is capable of doing much more than updating your status and surfing the web. Once I started using the chrome extensions I couldn’t go back they changed the way I use Chrome.

1. Pushbullet
I use Pushbullet on the daily, it’s one of the fastest ways to get links, notes, files and pictures from your computer to your mobile device and vice versa. One of the cool things about this Chrome extensions is that you are able to send links directly from the web page which you are in, to your supported devices. You can also see your phone’s notifications on your Chrome web browser and respond to messages, but this features is only for Android devices. If you are constantly going from one device to the next, give pushbullet a look.

2. Pocket
Pocket extension for Chrome is the best way to save videos, articles, photos and more. If you find something in Chrome, you can save the article or page in pocket, this will then automatically sync with your phone and tablet so you can view it at any time. The coolest thing about Pocket is that you’ll be able to save everything with pretty much one click of the pocket logo, or you could right click on the page and add it to Pocket this way. If you want to save a picture you just right click on the image and select ‘save to pocket’.

3. Google Keep
If you’re like me and you think of ideas at the most inconvenient of times, then the Google Keep extension is for you. When I browse the web or watch videos, I always find myself think of something which I want to jot down. Could be an article idea, something I want to try out, something I want to make or eat. With the Google Keep extension I can easily, wherever I am select the Google Keep icon and quickly type away. It syncs with you other devices seamlessly through your Google account, so you’ll always have your notes.

4. Session Buddy
This is a fairly new extension which I have started to use. It’s a great way to manage your tabs and windows. you are able to see all your tabs in one place even if you have multiple windows open. You can also save your favorite tabs and when you open the browser again it will launch your favorite tabs which you use on a daily basis. Trust me, it’ll change your life.

5. Save to Drive
With the ‘Save to Drive’ Chrome extension you can easily upload pictures, links, videos and document to drive instantly with a click of a button. This works wonders for me because I use Microsoft Word Online and I like to save the documents to drive as well so I have a backup. Just by clicking on the logo it instantly saves my document to Google Drive.

If you have any other amazing Google Chrome extensions to share, feel free to leave it in the comments below.


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