Okeyn Extendable Self-portrait Camera Shooting Shutter Monopod aka Selfie Stick

The Okeyn Extendable Self-Portrait Camera Shooting Shutter Monopod (that’s a mouth full!) is a cool useful accessory that could take your selfies to a whole other level. It’s good for just about any smartphone, camera, GoPro or iPods. The adjustable mount stretches to fit devices around the size between a Galaxy S4 and Note 3. It extends to 48.4 inches (4 feet). It’s fitted with a padded handle along with two fittings allowing you to attach to another tripod or other mounts. All that said, this is what we can call a Selfie Stick!


While I put this through the test during the video review I was really surprised at how useful the Selfie Stick is! This allows you to be very creative, gives an array of angles to capture videos and photos, and importantly feels like it is made well. The quality was something I was a little concerned about because I just never know how these things will hold up when finding deal on Amazon. Sometimes you get what you pay for and other times you simply find a good deal.

The build quality feels like durable, professional material. I don’t think it will break anytime soon with normal care. The mount was strong enough to hold my massive Nexus 6 phone. What’s cool too is there is the option to mount difference mounts on the tip of the monopod. Another nice feature is the bottom of the handle has the ability to attach the monopod to another tripod or similar accessory.

Most of all this thing extends to up to 4 feet in length. Along the sides of the monopod are three different levels of lengths to choose from. If you want to capture footage from just about a foot and half you have that option or stretch the pole out to 4 feet.


The I can see myself using this Selfie Stick is for vlogs, events and a stand for my camera. The stand idea will be great to use for the holidays to take group pictures and BE part of the picture. Okeyn also makes a Bluetooth Remote Shutter for smartphones that makes a nice companion with this monopod. You can check out that review here. Overall, this is a cool accessory to check out and would make a nice gift to place under the Christmas tree!

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