Okeyn Remote Bluetooth Shutter for iOS and Android

Okeyn has a pretty neat companion to help your smartphone picture taking needs. They offer an inexpensive remote bluetooth shutter that works with iOS and Android devices. This little remote, which is about the size of a car key fob has two buttons to use for snapping those photos. The setup is simply and is easy to use.


The holidays are here and it’s that time of year when many photos and videos are taken. If you’re like me, I’m the guy taking most if not all the pictures and videos, which means you’re left out of the media shots almost every time unless it’s a selfie!

The remote is pretty simple to setup and use. Simple pair the remote via bluetooth with your device like any other bluetooth product. Then open your camera app and press the dedicated button to snap a pic. While I used my Nexus 6 for the testing I had to use the iOS button to use the shutter. For some reason the pic wouldn’t do anything using the Android button on the front facing camera. When using the rear facing camera the Android button would toggle the timer option on the camera. So in the event that you have the same issue just know that the iOS button works as the shutter. Keep in mind each device’s camera is different the other and could work another way for your device.


The build of the remote rather small but big enough to keep track of and it has a lanyard hoop for keychains or some sort of attachment. The iOS button is larger than the Android button and the On/Off switch is on the righthand side. There is also a small LED light to indicate when the remote is on and in pairing mode. The remote will time itself out after a little while meaning be sure to shut it off after using the remote to save battery life.

This bluetooth shutter is a cool little gadget! I can think of many scenarios I can use this in and especially during this holiday season. I’m sure you can think of some creative ways to use this remote to bring out the best selfies ever!

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