Nexus 6P ROM with working Android Pay! [UPDATE]

This was the news I have been waiting for! I love using the Nexus 6P but have been bummed a little bit because till now Android Pay would not work with a rooted device. Gotta love the developer community who work on these mods that we get to benefit from!

The ROM that works with Android Pay is called Chroma. This is a familiar ROM in the ROM/developer community and has been the ROM I have been running since I rooted my Nexus 6P.

Chroma is a pretty cool ROM because it keeps the stock Android framework/theme but adds some mods that should be part of stock Android such as reboot menu options and clear all apps feature. Other features include…

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Layers support

Status Bar Customization:
Battery Style (Icon Portrait/Landscape, Circle, Text, Hide) and Battery Percentage
Clock & Date (Show/Hide, Color, Alignment, AM/PM, Show/Hide Date, Date Style, Date Format)
Brightness Control (long press status bar to change brightness)
Double-tap status bar to turn screen off
Show/hide notification count
Quick pull-down on left/right side to pull down tiles
Network traffic
Pressing on clock or date on status bar opens up Clock, Calendar
Status bar weather
Show/hide brightness slider

Navigation bar customization
Navigation bar height
Kill app back button
Double tap navigation bar to sleep
Clear all recents button (swipe down on recent apps and it’ll display on the bottom right)

Lock screen customization
Lock screen wallpaper
Power menu customization (power off, reboot, screenshot, airplane mode)
Advanced Reboot (reboot/soft reboot/recovery/bootloader)

Volume rocker customization:
Wake device with volume keys when screen off
Long press volume up/down keys to skip track when screen off

A large number of optimizations, memory leak fixes, security patches
Long press recents to swap back to previous app
Prevent camera shutter sound[/pullquote]

As you can see this is a very cool ROM. I have had a good experience with using Chroma. I’d recommend checking it out! I plan to have a video up asap showing off this rom, along with kicking off a new video series showcasing ROMs and mods I come across. Be sure to subscribe to the channel so you see those videos as soon as they are released.

Be sure to click the links below for instructions of how to install Chroma with Android Pay working.

Chroma Link

Chroma working with Android Pay announcement postLink

UPDATE – Unfortunately…not everything is as good as it seems. Long story short the real credit goes to Chainfire who made this whole thing possible. For more details click this link —> HERE and HERE.

This honestly ticks me off. Please give credit where credit is due. I have lost all respect for Chroma. I will be finding a new ROM to run as soon as I get the chance.

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