Bane Tech’s Holiday Gift Guide

Top 5 Tech Gifts

If you’re anything like me and leave you shopping till the last minute for friends and family, here is a list I have created for holiday tech gift which will be perfect for that quick last minute shopping.


1. Chromecast & Chromecast audio – $35
If you haven’t heard of the Chromecast where have you been! The Chromecast is a great gift for family members for friends as you can cast your favorite entertainment from your phone or tablet straight to your TV. The Chromecast Audio gives life back to those old speakers at the back of your cupboard. Just like the Chromcast you can cast your favorite music straight to your speakers without any distributions from notifications. This is because you cast over WiFi and not Bluetooth so you can save battery as well.

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2. Spigen wireless charger – $26.99
This is quite a premium wireless charger and it is made by a well known smartphone case manufacturer. The wireless charger has 3-coils pads which are Qi enabled charging allowing any mobile device which support wireless charging to be able to take advantage of this. Due to the 3-coil system you can place the phone in horizontal or portrait and it still will be able to charge the device.



3. Blue lounge portiko blue – $24.94
This is BLueLounge’s 6ft extension cable with two 100V outlets and two USB ports. This is perfect for travelling as you can charge you two laptops and two smartphones or tablets simultaneously. The extension cable also has a self-adhesive metal plate which you can use to mount/store when not in-use.

41OCDCRJOML 4. USB type C 3.1 USB hub – $21.99
With this type C USB hub you can connect multiple full size USB’s, Micro and full size SD card, DC and Ethernet port. This is great if you have the new Macbook which only has 1 USB type C port, or can connect it to your new nexus device and connect a keyboard and mouse or transfer files from an SD card.

51Y61L5o7aL._SL1000_ 5. EasyAcc Universal Multi Device Organizer Stand – $10.99
This is a really simple product which would be great for those ‘Techies’ that have quite a few devices and always leave them around the household. I personally have one of these and they are great for docking my tablet and smartphones on my desk. it has a clean look and simplifies and organizes my setup further.

61JFCl5XGPL._SL1000_ 6. AGPtek Portable Power Strip Travel Charger – $13.99
This is another extension cable which features a single universal charging socket, but it’s main feature is that it features 4 USB port on the extension cable. This means that when travelling you don’t have to lug around charging bricks as you can just bring your USB cables to charge your devices.

51PqYnJOijL._SL1000_ 7. RAVPower 24W 4.8A Dual USB Wall Charger Travel Charger – $9.87
This is a charging brick from RAVPower which has a 24W 4.8A dual USB ports for charging your devices. This is quite a unique product as it is light and small and easy to travel with and also it features foldable prongs so that it is more compact. It also has iSmart technology which automatically adapts suitable inputs for your various devices.


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