Most improved smartphone company award goes to…

This year has been a fun year with smartphones. Many companies have been improved and others still need some work. We were introduced to new features and technology for our smartphones that are pretty useful such as fingerprint scanners, better cameras, and software. While some companies decided to take away beloved features like removable storage and batteries. Regardless of who made what, there is one company that stands out the most this year and that company is…


Huawei might be a no brainer for some, but I do want to mention I am very happy with the improvements Motorola made with the Moto X Pure Edition. The Nexus 6 was not a great experience for myself with the performance, screen freezes, and poor camera. The Moto X PE exceeded my expectations. The camera is great, buttery smooth, and I love the build quality. Not too mention they added back removable storage. But the star of the show is Huawei.

The Nexus 6P is a HUGE improvement from phones they released from just last year. Mind many of their phones are under the budget friendly phones umbrella, thus sacrificing specs/features. For example, a 720p screen in 2014 was kinda old tech. But for 300 bucks I could give em a pass.

Let me say this, Huawei nailed it with the Nexus 6P! This ONLY thing I don’t like about the phone is the lack of OIS for the camera. Everything else is awesome!


I’ve enjoyed the camera, front facing speakers, performance, and build quality. Last month I challenged myself to use the Nexus 6P for a straight month and that’s coming from a guy who REALLY likes the Note 5. Well, the challenge went well. It won me over for sure, but I activated the Note 5 as soon as the December hit. I was surprised at how much the Note 5 was lagging, I didn’t think it lagged much at all prior to using the Nexus 6P. If someone asked me if the Note 5 had any lag I would say it did not, but after using the Nexus 6P the Note 5 sure enough has some. Now don’t get me wrong, the Note 5 doesn’t lag bad or much, but it’s enough to notice comparing to using the Nexus 6P.

I don’t want to end up giving a full review in this post (that is coming really soon), but I wanted to share with you of who I think gets the most improved smartphone company award in my opinion. There are some really great phones out there this year to choose from, but Huawei takes the cake this year.

What do you think? Do you agree Huawei is the most improved smartphone company or should another company get the award? Sound off in the comments.


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