My Wireless Tech Evolution

After watching this YouTube Video of Google’s conference, I was amazed. The new, rapid, fast pace technologies that are here and are coming simple are astounding. The evolution of the devices that I have had experience with from the Blackberry Curve to my current iPhone 4S (Samsung Galaxy SIII will be arriving on my doorstep soon), there have been countless improvements in the wireless tech department. I am excited to get back into the Android world. I have been a fan of the iPhone 4S and is still my top favored device that I have owned. Incase you are wondering what devices I have owned or own they are as follows…

It all started with the BB Curve and moved on to the BB Storm. I was brand new to the smartphone world and a Verizon customer. I was not interested in any of the other windows devices of the day. The iPhone was not even close to coming to Verizon and Android had not yet made an appearance. This all took place around the year 2008ish. When the BB Storm 2 came out I was rather excited about the new touch screen and other various specs. It was a nice improvement from the first model. I was sharing on Facebook about my experience about the BB Storm and a friend of mine suggested that I return the BB Storm 2 and get a new phone coming out, called Droid. I wanted to at least give some research to the upcoming new device. I looked up reviews, videos and blogs about the new device. I came to the conclusion that I wanted to try it out. As I waited at my local Verizon Store I was not the only one who was returning their two week old BB Storm 2 in exchange to the new Droid that Motorola produced. That day changed my life. Sounds crazy even as I type this out, that a phone changed my life. Droid arose a sleeping dragon within me that I never knew was there. Soon after my Droid was bought I discovered something called “Rooting.” iPhone users would compare the term to “JailBreaking.” In other words it is a method that opens up capabilities that the manufactures and networks lock down. Such as customizing looks, speeds and tweaks. Rooting opened up a whole new world to me.

My next device was the Motorola Droid X. To this day I believe this was one of my favorite devices. The Droid and Droid X became the foundational device that I learned the art of Rooting from. Next came the Droid X2. I was not as happy with the performance of the device, so I exchanged it for the Droid Charge. At this point in my life I discovered Craigslist. I had become fascinated with all the new devices coming out and I absolutely did not want to pay full price for the new phone. Trading on Craigslist was a huge money saver and at times was able to make money.
A couple winters ago (I worked in lawn care and landscaping. The winter time was short of the hours of work) buying phones on Craigslist and re-selling on eBay kept my family afloat. For a while I had a different phone about every 2-3 months. There was also the HTC Thunderbolt, iPhone 4 and Samsung Fascinate. I flip flopped same devices quite a few times. Often I would try out a device and end back with an iPhone. The iPhone became the favorite of all the devices I have owned. Currently I own a 64GB iPhone 4S. Lots of storage is nice, but 32GB would fit my needs. I have enjoyed the fluidity, quality and sleekness of the iPhone. As we speak I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII on pre-order with Verizon. After careful reviewing, analyzing and critiquing of the SG3 I am VERY excited about getting back on board with Android. I plan to start learning how to develop Apps as soon as the GS3 arrives.

Other types of devices I have owned is the Barnes & Noble Nook, Google ChromeBook, HP TouchPad and the iPad 2. All of which were great devices to own. I now own the iPad 2 and have enjoyed using it for all sorts of things such as movies for my daughter to watch on road trips, eBooks, browsing the web and some gaming.

My Ranking of My Owned Smartphones:

1. iPhone 4S

2. iPhone 4

3. Droid X

4. Droid

5. Droid Charge

6. Samsung Fascinate

7. BB Storm 2

8. BB Storm

9. HTC Thunderbolt (Hated the thing).

Other Devices:

1. iPad 2

2. ChromeBook (The Original. The one that Google sent out for beta testers).

3. iPod Touch (2nd & 3rd Gen.)

4. Nook (Turned it into a full tablet running Honeycomb Android).

5. HP TouchPad (Great device. OS was nice. But the app store was minimal).

The Tablets were all great (hard to rank them).

What devices have you owned? What has been your experience in the wireless device world? What is favorite device? What was your worst? What do you have your eye on? Tell me about what you like and don’t like. What are you looking forward to?

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