Reviews: Smartphones, Tablets, Apps and Accessories.

Do you develop or make products for Smartphones, iPads or other devices? Are you looking for someone to review your product?

I am interested in starting to review various products for mobile devices. I currently own an iPhone 4S (Verizon), iPad 2 and a MacBook (2009 Model). I have pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S3 (Verizon) and will be arriving on my doorstep soon. Those are the devices I can review at this time.

While I have owned several devices, I have had the opportunity to own various accessories that compliment the particular device. Such as cases, headphones, docks and cable connections like HDMI Cables.

Other products that I can review are apps. Apps are what make a smartphone, well, smart. They are the backbone of the device. There are THOUSANDS of apps to choose from for your mobile device and the amount of apps grow each day. Problem is however, not every app is quality. My belief is that the device needs to work for you and accommodate your needs. I have experimented with hundreds of apps on the Apple and Android platforms. Its always nice to find that app that just works nice for ya.

As mentioned above, I believe the device needs to work for you and meet your needs. Apps are a great way to accomplish that goal, but sometimes the device itself can meet those needs too. Your device has tons of setting that can work for you or against you. Many of the manufacturers build in apps and settings that will help you out, but if you dont know what you are doing, it can just as easily make the device experience less than par than what expected.

Overall I really enjoy helping people with their mobile tech devices. I have become one of the go-to-guys among my friends and family when it comes to questions/help for the their devices. I enjoy it. If you have any questions hit me up! If you would like me to review any of the products mentioned up, let me know. If you have any suggestions of how I can help, again let me know. Thanks for following the blog. Hope to get some reviews posted up soon.

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