A Taste of Things to Come.

This blog has typically been just a general discussion of a variety of subjects. Anywhere from ministry, politics, soapbox moments, events and tech stuff.

Time for a change of direction. I have had the motivation to begin to review mobile device products and accessories. Such as smartphones and cases. I am hoping that this new direction will take off well and become a big deal in the near future. I have written this blog post that goes further in detail of what I want to do.

Amzer  has contacted me about doing a review of one of their products. Amzer did not tell me which product they are sending me, so it will be a nice surprise in the mail shortly. I am excited to get this thing going.

However my excitement was rather snuffed yesterday when I received my Verizon Galaxy S3 in the mail via FedEx. The box looked like it was literally ran over. Pics are posted below. I was not too happy at all! Fortunately, the phone seems to be functional. Unfortunately, the first review idea that I was going to do was an unboxing review. I had to cancel that idea because Verizon Support suggested that I go ahead and activate the phone and ensure everything was working properly.

So what is next?

I am in the process of creating a “business model.” I will be working on a logo, social media and other avenues to make this project successful. One of the main things that will make this project successful is YOU. Without the support of the readers/viewers, it would be just a personal journal or something like that. So help me spread the word and let me know what products you would like me to review.

I plan to do a daily blog post of my experience with the Galaxy S3. I have been an iPhone user for a while now and I really like the iOS platform. I began with Android and so now I have to get back in the groove with the Android world. So stay tuned to be part of my journey with my newest device. My first post will most likely be submitted sometime tonight.


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