Mobile surpasses desktop in the US

In the latest report data from ComScore, mobile usage in the US has surpassed desktop for digital media access. That happened for the first time in January of this year, but the trend seems to have finally taken hold for good with mobile app usage now at 51 percent, higher than any other digital medium. That makes sense because we’ve become more and more of a mobile society. In general, we’re busier than ever and having access to the internet and social networks on the go is convenient and can be time saving.
Most of the time spent on mobile devices is with apps as opposed to browsers and, not surprisingly, most of that is with a few apps that are our favorites. I suspect that people, being creatures of habit, tend to find a few apps that they become comfortable using and stick with them. Once we can get fast access to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and a few other social apps, along with notifications from our favorite news apps and podcasts that we follow, I think we’re pretty satisfied.

ComScore says that users spend the most time with digital radio apps like Pandora, which took first place among said apps. Following radio, picture usage came in at a close second with Instagram and Flickr leading the charge. Of course, social apps like Face and Twitter have seen huge growth and social networking has accounted for 31 percent of all internet growth since 2013. Said ComScore, “While social networking does not rank at the very top of this list among the most mobile-skewing content categories, it is arguably the most important.”

I think that the mobile dominance is just beginning. With the phenomenal growth of social networks and the ever-increasing need people have to put selfies online, along with more and more personal information about themselves and their feelings, I can only expect more of the same at an exponential pace. And, why is this exposure happening so much faster with mobile devices? Think about how many people you see walking by you on your job or in the street with their head down and their phone at chest level.

We can now get almost every thought and feeling out into cyberspace instantly with no need to get to a computer. Sharing, informing and just plain showing off are reaching new levels. And our phones, tablets, watches and glasses are just the beginning.

Sources: CNET/Android Authority

George Hayes

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