Apple MFi certified 6ft Braided Awesome Cable for iPhone and iPad offers a nice selection of cables that are, well…you guessed it, AWESOME! They recently released a new cable that is six feet long, braided and is Apple MFi certified. Meaning this will charge your iDevice at normal speeds without a hiccup. The material is durable and heavy duty. You’d think that it would bulky, but on the contrary the AwesomeCable is slim not adding any extra bulk.

One of my biggest complaints about the official Apple charging cable is that it wears out easily and is in my opinion cheaply made. Which is unfortunate because Apple makes quality devices, but seems they cheap out in the cables department. Personally, I have had two iPhone 5 cables crap and peel exposing the copper wires underneath the rubbery coating. My MacBook cable wore out as well. Not too mention the white cables are white and become blemished over time. AwesomeCables makes cables the way they ought to be made.


As soon as I opened the packaging and put my hands on the cable I knew right away this cable is high quality. Being a bass guitarist I appreciate braided cables because it’s what I use with my bass guitar. Braided cables simply are the best kind of cables you can get. This is my first iPhone braided cable and first impressions are looking good.

Just from testing out the cable for the review and while shooting the video I am sold on this is the kind of cable everyone should use. There are many practical uses for a six foot cable. In the past there were plenty of opportunities I could have used a lengthy cable. More or less for road trips. This cable is perfect for the kids in the back seat when they want to watch a movie or play games on the iPad. The cable has no problem stretching from the power source in the front panel to the back seat of my full size SUV truck.

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 9.29.34 AM

While the cable is long and braided it is not bulky at all. It is actually surprisingly thin. But don’t let the thinness fool you. This cable puts out 2.1amps guaranteed to charge your iDevice fast as possible. The thin design also carries over to the Lightening connector that allows the tip to fit in pretty much every case, including the beloved LifeProof case.

You simply can’t go wrong with this cable. It’s awesome! You should get one. If you do enter the code ‘banetech’ and save 15% off your purchase of the cable.

Product link – 6′ AwesomeCable (don’t forget the code ‘banetech’ at checkout)

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