MacBook Pro 2017 15' case review: UAG

MacBook Pro 2017 15′ case review: UAG

UAG offers many cases for most of the top devices you can get today. The MacBook Pro is a high value item worth protecting and UAG gives that sense of security that the laptop is going to have great protection. UAG is a brand I support and refer people to all the time because of the quality products they offer. If you need rugged level protection for your devices, UAG is definitely one of the best routes you can go.

MacBook Pro 2017 15' case review: UAG

What I Like

There’s not much to not like about this case, so this sections will be heftier compared to the what I don’t like section. First of all, the most important factor about this case is that it offers great protection for the expensive MacBook Pro. If you are on the move a lot, have others using the device, or any reason of needing protection, this is the case to get. There are tons of cases out there, but are usually the cheap little shells that basically only offer scratch protection. But what if the laptop drops? What about travel? And so many other situations that the laptop could drop? If your MacBook Pro is not stationary, you really should consider getting this case for the best protection offers by any company.

MacBook Pro 2017 15' case review: UAG

This case has reinforced corners and edges, which is important because many drops happen on the edge or corner. From what I can tell any damage I have seen on MacBooks seem to happen mostly on the sides.

There is enough space to attach accessories to the usb ports. You’ll need accessories that attach via a cable though. In the past there have been cases that only allow space for the charging cable. If you have headphones plugged in it would not work. This case however allows all connections and ports to be accessed.

These cases just last. I still have UAG cases from phones and my MacBook 12. All of em are holding steady. If something goes wrong with them, there are limited warrantees that can used.

Gills. This case has gills to allow the laptop to breath well without trapping heat.

MacBook Pro 2017 15' case review: UAG

What I Don’t Like

Being that this is a rugged case, it adds some bulk. It is to be expected, but for the backpack that I use, the side laptop slot is not big enough to hold the laptop with this case installed. Therefore, I have to use the inside big pocket to hold this large MBP. Not a deal breaker by any means, but something to consider if you use a bag like I have.

I can’t use my preferred dongle. I like the minimal approach and I don’t like a ton of wires. With this case I cannot use the attachment that connects directly to the usb c ports. Rather I have to use a wired connection.

Other than those “issues” there is not much to complain about this case. I think it’s worth getting if you need serious protection. It’s worth investing in a case like this to protect the bigger investment of the MBP.

MacBook Pro 2017 15' case review: UAG

Purchase Link

Buy your UAG case by clicking the link HERE.

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