In Depth Review: Just Like Glass NANO Screen Protector Note 3 (Scratch, Sharpie, Dagger Tests)

I’m happy to introduce you to one of the freshest screen protectors on the market, the Nano provided by DBA Cases. The same guys who sell the Just Like Glass screen protector. This new edition is a step above the rest and to this date is the best screen protector I have put my hands on. The Nano is a special beast of it’s own, its not your average screen protector and takes the Just Like Glass series to whole new level. The Nano is made of 3 layers of protection, two of the layers is sprayed on Nano glass and adheres to your device with a special coating. The Nano at the moment is available for the Note 3, Note 3, Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5/5s.

Installation Tips:

The installation went rather smooth for this Nano. In the past the JLG series has been a wet installation, but this time around they went with a dry install. The Nano is a denser screen protector and does not bend easily, which helps during an installation. The Note 3 because of it’s size makes it hard at times to install a screen protector if the screen protector is flimsy.

The basics of the installation goes as normal. My recommendations are to turn of the A/C, fans and anything that can contribute to dust flying around. Then make sure your hands are clean and layout the items with in the box to be fully prepared to install the screen protector. DBA included the Nano, bubble pick/card, VERY high quality microfiber cloth, and dust removal tape. Everything you need for a successful install.

Once ready stand directly over the phone and screen protector, remove the first layer and gently guide the Nano in place. Use your finger tips to adjust the placement, once you feel confident the alignment is perfect (take your time and be efficient) use your index finger to push down the center, let the protector do its thing and then work out any remaining bubbles. You can use the card provided, but I was able to work out the bubble with just my finger. Once all the bubbles are out, remove the second film and inspect the Nano for any leftover bubbles. That’s it. If you need help refer to the video below.

First Impressions:

If you have seen the video you know how I feel about this thing. Words can hardly describe my first impression of the Nano. It is by far the BEST feeling screen protector I have ever put my hands on. It is so silky smooth and soft to the touch. The glass feels amazing! The responsiveness actually feels enhanced! Performance is top notch!

While I was in the process of the reviewing the Nano, I was debating how much of a test I want to put this things through. I watched DBA’s video of them smashing a hammer down on the glass and was like hmmmm I wonder what kind of testing I could put this through… I thought about a hammer test too, but I honestly don’t have the guts to do it so I came up with a few other tests.

Test Time:

I put this through a scratch test with keys and it passed with flying colors. The next test was with a dagger! This test put the Nano through some torment and actually left barely noticeable tiniest marks from the pretty much razor sharp tip. Good news it was not a deep cut, simply a slight graze of a scratch. Definitely something you would have to TRY to do. The next test was a sharpie test. I smeared the Nano with the black ink and it wiped off like it never happened. In the video I did the same thing with a normal screen protector and it barely erased the ink off of it. The last and final phase of torture  (more like a dissection) was I snapped the Nano in half revealing it’s inner guts and glory. Not many, if any, screen protectors actually snap, so that’s an indicator this is not ordinary screen protector. I peeled away layers and you can definitely see the layers, glass and parts that make this thing so intricate and protective. Very impressive stuff.

If you have not noticed by now, DBA has won my techie heart over with this being the best screen protector I have ever used. I have used, installed and reviewed many many many screen protectors and there is none like it that I have used. Tempered glass screen protectors are cool, don’t get me wrong, but now that there is something like the Nano and protects the phone’s screen just as much or better, why would I want a thick piece of glass on my device? Not too mention the home button becomes hidden under the cutout. In my opinion this is a smart, wise investment to save your phones screen. A repair to an Android screen can cost well over $150 and this Nano only costs $30 on sale. You do the math.

You can’t go wrong with the Nano. There is not one single negative thing I can think of for this new product.

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