4-in-1 Big Headphone for Xbox 360 / PS3 / PS4 / PC Black

Recently, Bane Tech added a gaming section to the lineup and headsets are a product type I have been anxious to present to you guys. Headsets are a huge part of the gaming experience. There are tons of options to choose from, which can make it a challenge when on the hunt for a quality set without spending a fortune and believe me you can spend an arm and leg on some sets. Personally, I do not have that kind of cash laying around to spend $250+ on a headset, which brings me to deal hunting for gaming headsets. Fortunately, there are website stores around like Tmart.com who offer outstanding prices for the products offered.

For about $50 you can snag this multifunction gaming headset that allows you to plug em in PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 (not sure about the Xbox One) and a PC. For this review I will only be talking about the PS4 experience. I’ve had this set for a few weeks and I wanted to use them and give an accurate log of how these headphones treated me. Overall, the set is not a bad deal, but there are some areas of improvement. So let’s get into it!


Because this headset is a multiplatform supportive set, you will have to follow the instructions that reflect your system. Included in the packaging is a diagram of instructions for the Xbox 360, PC and PS3. Missing something? Yeah, the PS4… The PS4 was left out of the instruction, but the set is still compatible. I do however would like a set of instructions designed for the PS4 since the PS4 has different connection even from how one would set a headset up with a PS3. Fortunately, There isn’t much to figure out with the PS4 setup. Simply plug in the USB connection the USB port on the PS4. There are other connection options with RCA cables (red/white)/microphone connections, but I did not notice a difference in sound input or output when versus only the USB connection.

2014-01-06 10.34.31

At first attempt I was hoping the set would plug into the DualShock 4 Controller like the included mono earbud included with the PS4. But it seems as though all you have to do for the PS4 is connect the set to the USB port.

There is a mixer/amplifier feature with this headset allowing you to control the game, chat and volume with some muting options as well. There is a mic port for the Xbox if you’re using that system. Upon gameplay is when you will have to adjust the volume levels. I’ll talk about the performance in little further in the review. But as far as setup is concerned, everything seems to be as simple as plug-n-play.


Sound performance is the most important aspect of a headset along with mic quality. I want both ends of the conversation to sound good (I hate repeating myself).

Gameplay performance – Coming from the lousy mono earbud included in the PS4 this set was freakn awesome! For the most part I play Call of Duty Ghosts and this set was working pretty well for the gameplay. I found myself jumping when I was surprised when I was killed or when an enemy popped around the corner. Yeah, I was a little skittish for a while (don’t judge me). The bass sound good with this set, which contributed to the jumpiness. When something hit, the bass would add to the effect. The bass is not overpowering or does not drown out the rest of the gameplay sounds. Overall I like the sound quality of the gameplay.

2014-01-06 10.49.31 Playing COD Ghosts it is super cool to hear the footsteps of an enemy walking around which helps your K/D and get more kills because you hear them coming before they get to you. I love this feature of the headset and the intricate sounds do come through well for me.

However, during silence there is a noticeable white noise. I tried to mess around with the volume controls but had no luck with any of the adjustments. The only time the white noise disappeared was when both game and chat volumes were turned all the way down. Which brings me to another point. Not all the volume controls work. Only the chat side adjusts the volume. The game control does nothing. Therefore, no balance options/feature with this set for the PS4. These settings might work with other systems but as far as the PS4 is concerned it does not.

Lastly, chat performance is only mediocre. I can hear the other person loud and clear, but others have told me that I am really quiet. Now before I can write this mic off as poor, this could very well be a PS4 software issue, as I have read many reviews of even high end headsets not performing well either. So until a patch comes out I have to leave this a question mark if the mic is bad or if the PS4 needs a patch to fix headset mic qualities.

One last note about chat performance is that I really want the gameplay and chat volumes to be balanced or be adjustable. When in party mode the chat volume overpowers the gameplay. I still want to hear those footsteps and carry on a conversation with my teammates.


Aside from sound performance comfort is rather important because even if the headset sounds good, you don’t want to get tired of wearing them. This headset actually feels pretty good. The do have a little bit of weight but the extra cushions help offset the weight. The earpads are pretty soft and feel good on my ears. The headband is padded as well and offer a good amount of support. The mic boom is flexible and detachable, which lets you set it at any desired position.

Overall, I think this set is comfortable and I have been able to use them for 2-3 hours of continuous gameplay without feels like I needed to take a break from wearing them.

2014-01-06 10.47.05

Other Aspects:

This is a wired set. Meaning, I want the options of distance and comfort. I am able to sit on my couch approximately ten feet away and still have some slack in the line to play around with. The earpads are rotatable, foldable and collapsible making them more portable or stoable for when not in use. The set is big and I like a clean neat environment, which means I do not want a bulky item laying around when not in use. This set will also fit in drawers just fine.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I would say it is safe to say I have enjoyed using this headset. However, I do want to see some improvements with the chat features. Such as the volume adjustments and the mic quality (concerning others hearing me well on the other end of the line). When not playing with others in party mode, the gameplay is a lot of fun with what I would say is higher quality sounds. The bass thumps, the footsteps come in clear and I feel like I am in the fight. I would recommend this set for anyone not wanting to spend a fortune on a gaming headset but want some pretty good gameplay sounds. If the chat quality is not a dealbreaker for you, this is something worth checking out. Hopefully a software patch will fix some issues many headsets are experiencing.


Speaker Driver 50 mm
Magnet Neodymium
Frequency Response 20-20000Hz
Impedance 16 ohms
Sensitivity 130 dB
Maximum Input Power 0.3W
Dimensions (2.36 x 1.57 x 8.27) ” / (6.0 x 4.0 x 21.0) cm (L x W x H)
Weight 580 g / 20.46 oz
Color Black
Compatible With for Xbox 360 / PS3 / PS4 / PC

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4-in-1 Big Headphone for Xbox 360 / PS3 / PS4 / PC Black

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