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Cruzerlite has added a new product to their lineup, which is an army of skin for quite a few devices. I have the Moto X metallic skin, navy blue in color. There is literally a huge selection of choices for skins. There are carbons, metallics, leather and more textures to choose from. It’s really amazing how many choices to go through, let alone the color options.

Skins are ideal for anyone who doesn’t like a case and wants full coverage for their devices. Cruzerlite skins are cut precisely leaving no room for error. Its remarkable how precise the cutouts, cuts and shape are with these skins. I have had a little experience with skins with other devices and other companies, but Cruzer’s skins stand out in the attention to detail department for me. In the past I had skins that did not connect the way they should. For example, the sides should connect looking as if the side strips are one piece. That’s where Cruzerlite does better than I have seen before.


While the precise cutouts are great to have for a tight fit, it does however make for a higher degree of difficulty installing the skin. I don’t say that to scare you off of getting one, but to give you a heads up that this for me at least took a few attempts to get the skin to install properly.

I do want to point out that the Moto X is a VERY curvy device. There really isn’t a flat spot on the phone except for the screen. With that said I think Cruzerlite did a fantastic job molding this skin to fit the Moto X as it should. Now for you iPhone users, this will be a piece of cake and as someone put it, “you can install this in your sleep with for an iPhone.”

My recommendation for the installation is to start with the backplate skin first and get it perfectly set. The side skins will line up great if you get that part down first. You will need a hair blow dryer to help mold the curves in place. For example, the top headphone jack area will need the dryer. The sides are rounded and you will need to form the sides to fit correctly. Of course the corners at the top and bottom will need a little extra help to set in place.


Once the installation if complete, the skin does indeed give a whole new design to the device. Like for real, it looks pretty much like a new phone. So this could be a nice solution if you ended up getting a color you did not prefer or are tired of the color you have. These skins are actually a very fair price compared to the competition and will not break the bank. If skins are your thing, you can’t go wrong with Cruzerlite’s new skins. Personally, I am not the biggest fan of skins, but this was pretty cool to check out. My only regret is not trying out the leather skins. Those look pretty sweet!

If you like the skins, get em HERE

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