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ICYMI: Unlimited data battles, MWC, Google Home Alexa home phone

ICYMI, this was a busy week in tech in regards to carriers coming out with unlimited data plans, Mobile World Congress expectations, and features to look forward to with smart homes. Lots of exciting thing to talk about, so let’s dig in!

First of all, the most exciting news this week has been by far the renewal of Verizon’s unlimited data plans! ALL the other carriers then panicked by coming out with their own offers of unlimited data. T-Mobile has been gunning for Verizon for some time now, and Big Red landed a finishing move, causing TMO to make adjustments. Check out more details about Verizon’s unlimited data plans by clicking here.

Mobile World Congress

MWC is right around the corner and is time to see what’s coming in the first half of the year. Isn’t it interesting how it used to be expectations for the whole year, not just half. Regardless, this is when we will see what’s coming from LG, Samsung (sorta), and other companies like Huawei. Huawei will be revealing the new Huawei Watch 2! The closer we get to MWC, the more leaks and previews we see.


“Alexa, E.T. Phone Home”

Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa are the talk of the town this week as well. Projections say these two voice activated AIish products will be able to replace your home phone line as soon as this year. Some are concerned with having this type of tech in the home as it is, due to privacy concerns. The way I see it, if you have a smartphone, it’s no less secure as it. So if you trust your smartphone, you should trust Google Home and Alexa.

Mobile Geezer laid out some details about this subject and can be found by clicking here.

Software Updates

The biggest news in software updates goes to the Honor 8. This was the week where they rolled out Android 7.0 and EMUI 5.0. Watch more about the update includes by watching the video.

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