Get Verizon unlimited data now! Great deal for four lines!

Verizon announced bringing back unlimited data yesterday and caught many people by surprise, including myself. Many other carriers have opted to offer some sort of unlimited data last year and now it seems like all major carriers are on the same playing field. Verizon offers in my opinion the best coverage and is why I’ve kept them as my main phone line, not to mention still rocking the grandfathered unlimited data plan from years ago. Sign up link is below!

Verizon Unlimited Data Details

Verizon unlimited data

In a nutshell, the more lines you have on your account the better of a deal you’ll get. For one line though you’re gonna pay quite a bit more. As one of my techie friends made a point of, he’s on a plan where he gets leftover data each month and pays less compared to the new unlimited plan. So it really boils down to your own situation.

Right now, there are three lines on my account and if I were to switch over to the new plan it would be a bit cheaper and include a better package. My current plan is on the 700 minute old plan. So if I switch I’d get unlimited everything, along with HD streaming (which does not downgrade HD quality until reaching to about 22gb), mobile hotspot, and calls/text to Mexico and Canada.

Verizon unlimited data

What Comes With The Verizon Unlimited Data Plan?

  • Everything unlimited – calls, text, data
  • Full HD video streaming. You get what the creator uploaded as.
  • Mobile Hotspot/tethering – 10gb per line of LTE and 3g speeds afterwards.
  • Calls to Mexico and Canada – First 500MB of data at 4G LTE speeds; 2G afterwards.
  • If reaching over 22gb of data for the plan cycle, you’ll get throttled until the cycle refreshes.

Sign Up Here for Verizon Unlimited Data

If you’re ready to have the best coverage in the nation and really good data speeds, sign up by clicking the Verizon button/logo below!

Verizon unlimited data

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