5 ways to re-use your old smartphone

New technology is emerging all the time, with the yearly turnover of new smartphones and laptops on the rise. According to Pew Research Centre, 77% of all Americans have some sort of smartphone device. With all these devices around surely there should be some spares, right? You can either sell your device to the vastly expanding second-hand market, or you can make your device useful. Below, I have compiled a list of ways in which you can make your device useful again.

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Turn it into a music player

A popular way to recycle your old phone is to reset the device and use it as a music player. Reset it and strip it of all of its apps (except music streaming ones, of course) and connect it to a speaker. This can be beneficial as it will help save money on a music system. As music streaming services are so widely used these days, you do not need much storage either.

If you have ever wanted to jam out to that new song in the kitchen? Worry no more, now you have your own jukebox.


Donate phone to charity

You could donate your device to a charity which will help provide modern technology to those in developing countries. This will be beneficial as they will have access to the ever-expanding World Wide Web. It will empower them in their developing countries, or salvage parts for money which can be used for life-saving projects.


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Use it as a Unified remote

Many older smartphones came equipped with an infrared ‘blaster’ (IR). This means that it can be used as a remote for your TV, Blu-Ray, streaming, or satellite devices. The Google Play Store is filled with various remote apps. Unified Remote is a great app which offers universal device compatibility. Even if you do not have a smartphone with an IR blaster there are apps out there which work over wifi!

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Security Camera

Many companies have been leaning towards automating your home through the internet of things (IoT). You’ll be surprised that your old phone can be used as a surveillance camera for when you are out of the house. This not only saves money but also protects your belongings like never before.

Services Manything or Alfred such as allow you to stream live video from your old device straight to your phone. They provide motion detection features, send voice messages to warn off thieves or comfort pets left at home.

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screenshots of the app AutoGuard Dash Cam - Blackbox

Dash Cam

Dash cams have risen significantly over the last couple of years amongst drivers, as you can never be too careful. They help settle disputes between drivers by providing recorded evidence of any incident. Another benefit is that it helps to lower insurance premiums too, this can come in handy for young drivers. Android phones especially offer a great alternative to expensive, dedicated dash cam units. They also provide HD video recording which might be a premium when it comes to purchasing a dedicated unit.

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