Hyperion 6400 mAh Extended Battery Note 3

Back when the Galaxy S4 came out I was able to use the Hyperion 5200mAh battery and was my first time using an extended battery for a phone. The experience was pretty good and I was anxious to see how the Note 3 version would perform. Again I was rather impressed. The battery is double the battery life and physical size of the Samsung stock battery, which is a 32oomAh battery. First off Hyperion includes a hard plastic backplate to accompany the battery. The backplate + battery really doesn’t add much more bulk than if a case was installed. Speaking of a case, the GS4 model has the option of a $10 TPU case to purchase if you want extra protection. I really like the idea of having the edges and front of the Note 3 protected. DSC04312 The backplate is smooth with a glossy finish which makes the whole thing pocketable, making it really easy to slide in and out of a pocket (including skinny jeans). The backplate does attract fingerprints and at times because the device is so large makes me nervous about slipping out of hands. I will point out I have not dropped the phone at all. Battery life! Let’s talk about the juicy details about battery life. But just before we get into the stats let me give some battery lifestyle. I consider myself a heavy user meaning I am on my phone frequently using apps such as YouTube, social networking, file transfers and other various apps that contribute to battery drainage. Screen time is the biggest contributor to battery drain, which my because of my heavy usage, my screen is on quite a bit. Other factors that lead to my battery drain is I have many auto push notifications, WiFi is only used half of the time leaving my Verizon 4G LTE data on, my screen brightness is at 100% most of the time and I use some of the sweet air gestures and smart view¬†features. DSC04315 With all that said, we can get into the stats of how the battery performed for the first cycle of charge. It is recommended to go through 3-5 cycles to get the final results. For this review I have only done one cycle. I drained the battery to about 15% to give you the results.

  • 1 day 11 hours 17 minutes 57 seconds on battery
  • 6 hours 8 minutes 58 seconds screen time
  • Top three data usage apps – YouTube, Amazon Kindle and Instagram

How fast do you think it charges with the new 3.0 USB? I put the phone of the charger at 11AM and it reached 100% at 2:39PM. Mind you that it takes more time to charge this battery compared to the Samsung 3200mAh because it is literally half more battery. Thus, charge time is half more longer than the stock battery. DSC04314 Now that the stats are out of the way I can confidently say I like the performance. Getting a day and a half of battery life is simply great considering all the factors mentioned above. I will be continuing to use the battery for at least another two cycles to see if any results improve. SO stay tuned for a follow up post/video giving you the results after two more cycles have passed. There are only a few downsides to this setup I have come across, which fall more along with the preference and will vary with opinions. The added bulk tended to get on my nerves a little bit. I like a thin device and the Note 3 is already a large device. Granted this battery and backplate are thin for what the product is, it still adds some extra love. NFC is not too much of a deal breaker for me, because in the past I have not really used NFC all that much. However, I plan to install my TYLT¬†car mount which has NFC built in AND still help up my Zero Lemon monster battery for my Galaxy S4. Anyways, I want to use the TYLT Capio for some of the NFC features, but I might have to sacrifice NFC for the battery life for a while. I’ve gone this long without NFC I can keep the trend going for a little while longer. DSC04313 At the time when I got this pack there was not a TPU case available and my front of the Note 3 is fully exposed along with the edges, which I do not like. I feel so much more comfortable with a case on my phone. The added weight, somewhat slick back and kids all enhance the chances of an accident happening. TPU case now available! Other than those minor issues, this is a stellar battery so far. If you are not a heavy user as I am, this battery has the potential to last you much much longer than it did for me.

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