5200mAh GS4 Hyperion Extended Batttery with NFC for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Hyperion’s 5200mAh extended battery was pretty impressive to me. It was the first time I have ever used an extended battery. The Galaxy S4’s 2600mAh battery treated me well and got me through the day. But with the boost made possible with Hyperion…it was a different feeling not needing to charge my device right before bedtime. Usually I would need to plug up my phone before I hit the hay.


I ran through three cycles for review and testing purposes. The instructions recommend four to five times, but I figured on the third cycle I would be able to give you results even without the five full cycles. What I discovered was that this battery would be a perfect weekend companion or for anyone who needs to use the device heavily and is not around a charger for most of the day.

Another awesome addition to Hyperion’s product line is they make a TPU case for the the extended battery and backplate. Hyperion already includes the battery and backplate in the package but for about an extra $10 you can get a case to help protect the backplate from bumps, drops and scratched. Like most TPU cases it is raised above the screen allowing you to place the device faced down on a flat surface.


Check out the screenshots for the stats on the battery performance. Obviously, the battery life varies from user to user, so let me explain what I put this battery through to get the results I got. First of all, I have most of my notification pushed through automatically, streaming services like YouTube and Netflix are used periodically throughout the day, games like Candy Crush was used and the normal social networking tasks were used. Not too mention phone calls and messaging services.

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Screen time is the biggest contributor to battery drain. The more the screen is on the more life is sucked out. I got almost 5 hours of screen time which is a lot for the most part.

Overall I really like this setup. The feel of the phone is nice in the hand. It adds a more weight compared to the stock GS4 body, which if you like a device to have a little weight versus lightweight, this a great option for you! Both the backplate and case are smooth and pocketable. If you need extra battery life and need a case to compliment the gear, this deal is for you.

Like the battery and/or case? Get it HERE & check out Hyperion’s full Galaxy S4 lineup HERE

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