HTC pushes adverts to users notification tray

Our technology filled world is a constant fight for our attention. Its sometimes impossible between auto playing videos, pop ups in front of articles and targeted adverts that chase you around the net to get anything done. It doesn’t stop there though – adverts are getting more and more invasive, and unfortunately for owners of HTC phones it now seems adverts will be pushed right to your notification tray. Users of HTC flagships M7, M8 and M9 are reporting a notification appearing out of the blue advertising the new Fantastic Four movie. In what some users have described the advert as being a ‘poorly disguised recommendation’ – the notification wants you to download the new F4 theme from HTC theme centre. Coincidently front and centre of notification is the released date, as well as the Marvel logos.

Image thanks to Android Authority
Image thanks to Android Authority

HTC have already admitted that they will be bringing advertisements to its software in some countries – however these were to be featured alongside the news in HTC blink feed launcher. Nothing was said about adverts appearing in the notification try with an alert, so the target audiences in the US, UK, Germany, Taiwan and China are in for a shock with their $600 flagship phone. HTC have already said they are implementing a way to opt out of these ‘in software adverts’, however there is nothing in place at this time. Luckily those using a third party launcher will not be pestered by these adverts, and some users have disabled ‘Sense Home’ notifications just in case. It does beg the question about adverts on a phone you have effectively paid full retail price for and receive no reward for viewing. A strange move considering HTC stopped short of including non-removable software at launch –which is often a way to increase revenue. Unlike Samsung who baked several Microsoft apps and controversial software form Cheetah mobile right into the OS. HTC bosses may be looking to supplement earnings with advertising deals in various parts of the software to make its mobile business viable again following huge loses. Although judging by the backlash from users already – they may need to rethink their approach.

Source | Android Authority


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