Here are the design choices for your new Moto X

Its on its way. One of the biggest launches for Motorola in a long time has the whole smartphone world holding its breath. We have seen Motorola put Oneplus in the shade, showcase their new line up and now we get a sneak peak of the design options available.

The options listed will be available on the Moto X Style (or Pure edition if you are in the states), but it’s unclear if they will also be available on the Moto G. Or indeed the accompanying Moto X Play that will hit shelves in Europe, but be strangely absent from the US.moto_x_pure_edition_motomaker

Love it or hate it, the Motomaker design options for the Moto X has been one of its biggest attractions. Being able to customise and showcase your personality like no other handset so it is truly ‘yours’. Unfortunately the hardware its self has been a disappointment in some areas – but this may just be the year that great design meets great ability.

Moto have included leather options again, in four colours (Red, Natural, Cognac, and Black), along with four options of wood finish (Bamboo, Walnut, Ebony, or Charcoal Ash). If that isn’t your thing – there is also 10 colours of CSR to match to the 7 colours of accents, 3 different AL frames and either a black or white front.


All matched to some truly flagship specs, we are really looking forward to getting our hands on a Moto X at Banetech. In fact Josh has spent more time than is normal comparing his options for buying either the Oneplus or the Moto X, and he is getting both! Let us know the design combinations you are thinking of matching up in the comments below.


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