How to take better photos

This is a step by step guide on how to take better photos. The ‘Infinity Wall’ – this is a technique which is used a lot in professional photography, but I will be showing you how to do it on the cheap. You might want to take a picture for Instagram, maybe you’re reviewing a product or selling an item on eBay or other means which requires you to take a nice, detailed photo of a subject.



1. You need to get yourself a box, any shape will do preferable as wide as landscape A4. But it depends what size you want your little contraption to be.



2. You then need to get rid of one of the sides by cutting it, which will leave you with 3 sides and 3 ‘flaps’.



3. Then you need to get your A3 paper and line it up with the top of the box. *make sure that the box is landscape so you have more room for a product. * if the piece of paper is too big then trim the sides until it fits.



4. Once you have done this you need to use some sticky tape to seal it to the top of the box. Shown above ↑



5. After this you need to create the ‘Infinity Wall’, you proceed by making sure that the piece of paper is complete flat against the wall. Then create a curve at the bottom where there is a right angle but do not push it let the piece of paper fall naturally.




6. Your all set-up, now just place a product in the centre, and use a light source preferably a desk lamp to shine over the top. *Make sure that there are no other light sources on i.e. room lights as this will create shadows when using your camera or phone.

Bonus tips:
If you want even better lighting for your photos then invest two cheap desk lamps, cut out the centre of each side of the contraption. Then using tracing paper, cover the hole and then place the lamps on each side so that they shine through the tracing paper.

By doing this you are diffusing the lighting so that it isn’t as harsh on the subject. You can also to this with the top of the box, just skip step 2 and instead cut a hole through the top and cover with tracing paper. It also helps with reflections; say you have a shiny product you will be able to see the light source in certain angle. If you upgrade your contraption with the tracing paper windows it with soften the light allowing you to take photos in perfect lighting.



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