ANNT LED Desk Lamp: Review

This is a desk lamp which I used on the daily since I got it, I had a previous desk lamp before but it was nothing compared to this. It was the standard incandescent bulbs which was yellow for a start (which I hate), and all you could do was turn it off and off. But with this you can change the levels of brightness and choose from 5 different levels in for different modes (colours) of lighting.


• 4 unique mood lighting modes (Study, Reading, Relax and Sleep)
• 5 dimmable levels on each mode
• Adjustable design, rotatable base, double hinged arm and swivelling LED face
• Built-in USB Charging port (2A port)
• Save Energy & Money: the ANNT desk lamp achieves the same brightness as incandescent lamps using 75% less energy
• Auto-Shutoff: 60-minute sleep-timer

It also has a USB port of the side which comes in handy when you want to charge your phone/tablet but you’re a little lazy to plug it in at your bed side table, which is all the way at the other end of the room.

Seems a bit odd but another way in which I have been using this LED lamp is to produce lighting for my photos. For example, when I am selling something I would put this near the subject (not too close) so that I can better lighting for my photos. Honestly, it really works. It works for those Snapchat selfies too!

Overall, I think that this product is really useful as it has multiple uses, but it is also very customizable which consumers like me and you like as we can tweak it to our preference. If I had a negative about this product it would be that the LED lighting is very narrow, but they do also make different versions of the product, which have larger surface areas for the LED’s.


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