Pop In A Box Funko Vinyl toy figurines review

Pop In A Box vinyl toy figurines are pretty cool and I have always wanted to start collection them. Seem as though I am off to a good start! Popinabox.us is a perfect way to get your own collection going! There are TONS of vinyls to choose from and ways to get the ones you really want.

First of all, you can subscribe to get different vinyls sent to your doorstep every month. There are a few options and you can customize what vinyls you wan to get, even be able to rule out ones not to be sent to you. That alone is pretty cool! I like the fact that while it is still a surprise each time, you are not going to be disappointed with what shows up. Of course you can buy individual figurines, but its best to subscribe and get a 20% discount on your first order by clicking HERE.

Alright so you got the picture of what the ordering process is like, what about the vinyls themselves? I was pleased with what I got. The first two figurines that were sent out included Deadpool and Katniss from Mocking Jay. Both are great vinyls!


Just in time for the new Deadpool movie, I am ready to show off the Deadpool vinyl! Only recently I became a Hunger Games fan (not an avid fan, but I like the movies). The Katniss vinyl looks really nice! Once I opened the package my kids claimed the toys right away. My daughter loves the Katniss toy and obviously my boy likes the Deadpool vinyl.

When I am reviewing phones I really like to include a segment testing the camera out and that’s where items like these vinyls come in handy. I think they make great subjects to capture a few snaps to show how well a smartphone camera is performing. From those reviews I will share the results to social media on Instagram, Twitter, and Google+. Needless to say I am excited to have a couple more figurines to use during my reviews.

Popinabox.us is a great website and provides one of the best ways to collect Pop Vinyls. Be sure to click the purchase link below to save 20% on you first order.

What vinyls are you most interested in? What categories do you want to collect first? Let us know in the comments.

Purchase Link

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