How to add iPhone to Android Wear (using Moto 360)

Android Wear is now on iPhone. It is now possible to wear your favorite Android Wear smartwatch and use it with an iPhone. This is great news for iPhone users because of the many options they now have concerning watch styles. Not too mention prices are a fraction of the cost compared to the Apple Watch. Up until now iPhone users were rather limited to basically the Apple Watch and Pebble. Don’t get me wrong if the Apple Watch and Pebble are your thing…by all means be my guest to own an overpriced watch that looks like a child’s toy. For those who want quality options in what kind of smartwatch you want to get, but must use an iPhone follow this guide of how to add Android Wear to an iPhone.

Steps to add Android Wear to an iPhone:

  • Factory reset the smartwatch
  • While that’s wiping….
  • Download Android Wear app from the App Store
  • Once the setup screen is up on the watch follow the steps on both the iPhone and watch
  • The devices will walk you through what you need to do
  • Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on the iPhone
  • That’s it. Pretty simple.

The setup is not hard at all. If you need further assistance watch the video as I demonstrate the whole process from start to finish and send a couple test notifications. At the moment the watch will only act as a notification hub and are limited to only seeing the notification or blocking the app. Apart from notifications the user can change watch faces either by the Android Wear app or by downloading new watch faces (watch the video for how to do that as well).

Again, this is a big step in integration between platforms and brings back the #DroidDoes days! This is only the beginning! Once more development takes off there will be tons more features to mess around with. I’d imagine pretty soon we will see Android Wear on iPhone catching up to what Android phone users are used to. It will be interesting to see where this project goes.

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