Moto X Pure Edition pre-orders start September 2 and ship out September 13

The day has come to pre-order the Moto X Pure Edition aka Style tomorrow and will begin shipping out September 13, 2015. The Moto X Pure Edition was announced this morning via Twitter from @Motorola says to save the date tomorrow to pre-order the new flagship phone. We caught a teaser from Motorola about a week ago from a brief tweet that only lasted seconds, but said the date was going to be the 3rd. But that doesn’t hurt my feelings to be able to pre-order the Moto X a day earlier than expected.

This week I’ve been anticipating ordering the Moto X Pure Edition because it is  basically my last hope for a quality phone this year. The Galaxy S6 and LG G4 have been let downs this year and while there are honorable mentions with the Note 5 or OnePlus 2, I am betting on the Moto X Pure Edition to be the phone of the year. Here’s why…

  • PRICE! Starting at only $399
  • Available on all major networks
  • Front facing speakers
  • Large screen
  • Close to stock Android
  • Improved camera
  • Quick charging

There are tons of other reasons the specs are great and literally the only concern I have with the phone is if the camera is going to great or not. Everything else looks fantastic. Wireless charging is not a deal breaker for me.

I’m ready to sell my current daily driver, the LG G4 and move on to what I hope to be the best device of the year. The Moto X Pure Edition really does seem to be a winner to me and was an unexpected surprise of the potential this phone has. Especially considering how I had absolutely no interest in the Moto X 2014.

Are you looking to get the new Moto X? If so, what has you sold on getting it? If not, what’s the hold back?

Source | Motorola


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