HAVIT Portable Wireless Optical Mouse USB 2.0 Receiver RF 2.4G

The HAVIT Portable Wireless Optical Mouse USB 2.0 Receiver RF 2.4G is a pretty good deal to check out if you are in the market for a small mouse. Although this is considered a small mouse it isn’t as small as I have used in the past. It is simply in the category of compact because it is shy of being the size of a normal size mouse. HAVIT’s portable mouse is what I like to consider to be a hybrid mouse. Meaning this could easily be your work/home desktop mouse for stationary purposes. But allows the connivence of packing away in a bag or suitcase for on the go needs.

The setup is quite easy. I plugged the tiny wireless adapter into my old MacBook and it worked flawlessly. All I had to do after plugging in the adapter is push the grey button on the top of the mouse and it recognized the mouse immediately. Optionally, I needed to adjust the sensitivity in my mouse settings to slow the pace down a bit. Once all that was done I was ready to roll.

Two of the major things I judge a mouse by is the comfort and the how loud/quiet the clicks are. First of all, the compact mouse actually fits pretty good in my large hands. Granted, I would prefer it to be a little more up in size but I have to remind myself that this is a portable mouse and not a dedicated mouse for the desk. Secondly, I hate noisy mouses. More so the scrolling wheel. The clicks are passable. But I was mainly concerned about the scroll wheel, which I was happy to experience the wheel is quiet and smooth.

Another discovery and test I performed was connecting the wireless adapter to my Plugable USB 3.0 10 port Super Speed. The mouse and adapter worked flawlessly. I was pleased to find this work together because it is much more convenient to just plug my power adapter and hub to the MacBook and the mouse is ready to go.

The build quality seems to be about the only negative side of the mouse and it’s not really that much of an issue. Upon getting my hands on the box it felt extremely lightweight; almost feeling as if nothing was in the box. Therefore, you can definitely tell the majority of the mouse is plastic and time will tell how long it lasts defining what kind of durability it has. Something else that I’d like to point out is it require batteries and batteries do not come with the kit. Have two AA batteries ready to install. None of these negative attributes are deal breakers to me.

The overall experience with the portable mouse was relatively nice. But this is coming from a guy who primarily uses the trackpad on the MacBook. I have a old Dell that I use sparingly that is connected to a wired mouse and now I am happy to have a mouse that does not require a wire. The plugin and play feature is very welcomed.

I think this is a mouse worth checking out and is at an affordable price. Check out the video for a full demonstration of the mouse and my setup.


  • High Quality, Compact Design and Measurable Weight.
  • Smooth surface and somatological design
  • Mini size, easy to take
  • Low-voltage alarming function, Low power consumption
  • The dongle can be stored inside the mouse when not in use. and it no need driver, plug and play with On/Off power switch
  • Fit for home, office use. ideal for PC and Laptop use


  • 2.4GHz wireless transmission up to 10m/33ft operating distance
  • 6 buttons wireless mouse
  • DPI:800-1200-1600-2400
  • Power: 2 * AAA battery (not included)
  • USB: USB 2.0
  • Rated operation current: 15mA, 1.5V
  • Operation systems: Windows/MAC/LINUX/ANDROID
  • Switch Life: 5 million cycle

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