dbrand inc. HTC One M8 Review and Giveaway

Skins are a great way to keep the bulk to down to virtually nothing and still give you some protection to keep your phone look sharp. Skins help protect against those ugly scrapes and scratches. They even provide some drop protection as well. Most of all they have the potential of looking great along with being protective.

dbrand inc. provides some sweet looking skins for many devices. For this review we get to check out the HTC One M8 skins. Specifically the red True Color and Wood skins. To make things sweeter I have two extra skins (courtesy of dbrand) to giveaway! Entry form is below. Once the giveaway begins there is one week to get the entries in. Simply follow the steps to gain more ways to win.

First of all, head over to dbrand’s install videos. They are the best I have ever seen for a skins installation tutorial. Very nice job and is worth checking out. Especially if you want tips straight from the source.

The installation was really easy because dbrand provides some tips that truly help make the install a breeze. It was probably one of the fastest installations I have done. If I didn’t follow their tip of tearing the 3M paper in half and using it to line up the HTC logos, I would have more than likely taken a bit longer by starting off the wrong way. There are only four¬†pieces to worry about; the back, top grill, bottom grill and usb port area. All of which were rather simple to put on. The hardest part was the bottom usb port sticker because of the thin piece to hold still with my big hands. I suggest using a hair blow dryer for the left and right sides to help mold in place. The Wood skin needs the blow dryer’s help more than the True Color. That’s it. You’re done. Easy breezy.

I think the two skins look great on the M8. It’s like the M8 and dbrand skins were made for each other. They compliment each other very well. Something that I like about skins is that it gives you the opportunity to transform your device into a whole new fresh look. Huge props to dbrand for making great skins!

The M8 by itself has a wonderful build quality. The full metal jacket is simply elegant and premium. However, the material is extremely slippery at times and makes me nervous about dropping the phone. That’s where a skin comes in handy. Skins offer a bit more grip that helps reduce the chances of dropping a phone because of a slippery surface.

Mind that not all the sides are covered up. But I don’t think it is a deal breaker or something to worry about. Skins are great to keep the case off, keep the minimal look and adds no extra bulk. If you like the naked feel but need some scratch protection, I would recommend giving these skins a try.


  • Use the entry form to enter
  • You are not required to do all the tasks. Although it does increase your chances of winning
  • USA shipping only
  • Must reply to the winning email within 48 hours of the email being sent
  • 1 red True Color and 1 Wood skin up for grabs

dbrand HTC One M8 skins

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